Catching Up With Actor, Baseball Fan, Dog Aficionado John O’Hurley

There are few legendary comedies on TV that wove in sports better than “Seinfeld.” Jerry Seinfeld, a loyal and diehard Mets fan, found ways to work the Mets, the Yankees, the Giants, even the Devils into the scripts and in doing so tied New York games to a runaway hot maybe better than ever before. However one of the characters, that of J. Peterman, spent his time in outdoor sports rather than venturing toward the diamond, ice or gridiron.

It is ironic given the fact that the actor on the role,New Englander John O’Hurley, grew up and remains a diehard sports fan. O’Hurley will actually be back in New York  this month, for a one man show, “A Man with Standards,” on Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 15-16 – 7 p.m. at Feinsteins /54 Below, on W. 54th

The former Seinfeld ensemble actor is a multi-talented star of stage and screen whose narrative and song is both humorous and poignant, recalling the famed sitcom, his Dancing With The Stars season one triumph plus Chicago’s Billy Flynn.  It is an evening of song and musings from his remarkable life and career, which includes a lifelong loyalty to the Boston Red Sox, his time at Providence College during one of their two runs to the Final Four, and of course his time now on NBC’s broadcast of The National Dog Show later this fall.

We caught up with O’Hurley to get some thoughts on what he is doing now, his love of the BoSox, and how much of a fan was J. Peterman?

NYSD: What are you biggest memories of being a baseball fan?

JOH: Watching Ted Williams in his last two seasons at Fenway Park (1959 and 1960).

NYSD: We know about Jerry being a baseball fan and George working for the Yankees, did Peterman have an interest in the diamond?

JOH: Nothing written in the scripts, but he would have been attracted to the game as a chance to “swing some hickory in a natty pair of knee-high socks”

NYSD: Your alma mater, Providence, is on the rise in The Big East. Any great hoops memories for the Friars that come to mind?

JOH: I was lucky enough to be a freshman at providence in 1972-3 and watch Ernie Digregorio and Marvin Barnes take the Friars to the Final Four. one of the most exciting seasons ever in college ball.

NYSD: What brings you to NY these days?

JOH: Doing my one-man show “A Man With Standards” at Feinstein’s 54 below in Manhattan this weekend Oct. 15 and 16. and beginning my prep for the National Dog Show Presented By Purina on Thanksgiving Day.

NYSD: Being in LA, any thoughts or memories of Vin Scully calling it a career?

JOH: His voice is synonymous with baseball. I feel for the man who has to replace him.

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