Coppola: Cubs-Giants Game 4 Put A Finish Line In Sight

Wow! What a finish in San Francisco with the Cubs rallying in the top of the ninth with four runs to best the Giants and take the NLDS in four games. Looked like the Giants had the game won and were headed back to Chicago for a deciding game five at Wrigley Field, which has had so many disappointing playoff games in the past. And even though a deciding game five would have been a home field advantage for the Cubs in the friendly confines of that historical ballpark, the Giants momentum could of been a disaster for this amazing year for the Cubs and their loyal fans.

Instead the Cubs showed why they are the best in baseball in 2016. The Giants had them with Matt Moore going eight solid innings giving up only two hits on two runs, one earned and two walks while striking out 10. Guess he showed that he doesn’t have to be babied after coming back from Tommy John surgery as he threw 120 pitches. A near masterpiece. Only to be spoiled as five Giants bullpen guys couldn’t get an out in the ninth with a three run lead. And how about the way the Cubs scored all four runs on a double, three singles, a walk and a bunt. Home runs are cool but all those hits made it more dramatic.

Looks like maybe the baseball gods are ready to put those Cub fans out of their misery. I only hope that if and when they do win a World Series or two,or three in the next few years they don’t follow the path of the Red Sox that waited so long with amazing loyal baseball fans only to become a bit on the arrogant side today.

That is supposed to be saved for the Yankees, who by the way have a right to be winner snobs as they have 27 World Series championships. What we all need to hope for now is a Cleveland / Cubs series. I am drooling about a match-up of managers, Terry Francona (Indians) and Joe Maddon (Cubs). Old school gut feeling creative manager vs Numbers and analytics renaissance man.

Just hope there is no snow in November around the Great Lakes because all those analytical mathematicians have no acronym for movement and rotation of snowballs.

Editor’s Note: William Coppola just completed his 40th year in the game of baseball. He has been a coach, instructor and last week completed his third season as an associate advanced scout with the Atlanta Braves organization.

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