The Giants vs The Saints: NFL Week 2 Preview

Giants fans will be anticipating a big win in week 2 as they face off against Drew Brees and the Saints. If you’re into NFL betting and are looking to pickup a few bucks, you can get some decent odds on the Giants to beat the spread, but don’t expect much for the win.

The Giants edged the Cowboys in week 1 and will be looking to go 2/2 while the Saints were beaten by the Raiders, who took the victory thanks to a single point. Just 2 points could have flipped both of those results the other way, but that’s the NFL for you and this weekend’s game should be just as close.

It all depends on a few key men.

The Saints

The Saints were high scorers last season, but they also conceded a lot. This season they have improved in both offense and defense. They have a considerably better pass rush offense, which showed against the Raiders who didn’t get a single sack.

Drew Brees is as good as ever too, and if his finds his form, then the Giants could have a difficult home game on their hands.

Snead will be one of the main targets for the quarterback, and one of the biggest threats for the Giants. He looked unstoppable lat week, and they deserved a win just for his performance alone. Snead received for over 170 yards in that game, picking up a touchdown for his troubles.

The Giants

The Giants don’t necessarily have a standout passing or running game, but they have what many of NFL teams don’t have: balance. They showed that in preseason and they showed it again last week. There were 28 passes and 24 runs, making their offense hard to predict as they constantly looked to mix things up.

As much of a problem as Snead is, and as difficult as Brees’ throwing will be to contend with, The Giants have a secret weapon in Jenkins. He was the immovable object in week 1 and he’ll be looking to keep Snead in check in week 2.

If he can keep Snead out, which I fully expect him to do, then the Saints won’t have many options that the Giants can’t content with. That will leave the Giants to have the run of things on the offensive side.

The Tip

This is a New York page, so it’s perhaps a little biased to pick the Giants for the win, but it’s difficult to see it any other way. Taking into account everything discussed above, Eli Manning will have plenty of chances to notch a big win for the Giants, beating the spread and helping them to start the season in style with 2 from 2.

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