Giants Sign An Insurance Policy for the Insurance Policy

The Giants signed an insurance policy to the insurance policy.

The team signed quarterback Josh Johnson, who was on the Baltimore Ravens this summer, not to be mistaken with the former Marlins pitcher. Ryan Nassib struggled in the preseason, so the Giants are giving themselves another option in case Eli Manning gets injured.

“We’re going to give Ryan a little bit of competition with Josh,” head coach Ben McAdoo said. “He’s a good player. He’s been around the block. It’ll bring out the best in both of them.”

McAdoo means it when he says Johnson has been around the block. After playing for Jim Harbaugh at San Diego, Johnson has had a nomadic pro career. Whether in the regular season or just offseason/practice squad, Johnson has been with Tampa Bay, San Francisco, the Sacramento Mountain Lions of the United Football League, Cleveland, Cincinnati, San Francisco again, Cincinnati again, the Jets, Indianapolis, Buffalo, Baltimore and now the Giants.

Johnson actually made his debut in a 2009 game against the Giants.

“He has good rhythm in his body,” McAdoo said, when asked what he liked about Johnson. “He’s been trained in a version of the system. He plays with his cleats in the ground, has a natural throwing motion and has some good experience.”

Nassib completed less than 42 percent of his passes in the preseason, throwing three touchdowns and three interceptions. Meanwhile in Baltimore, Johnson led the Ravens to an undefeated preseason, completing 41 of his 57 passes.

“I’ve seen Josh over the years and know a little about him,” Manning said. “But not tons, so obviously he’s got a lot to learn, a lot to catch-up with. He seemed to pick things up fairly well today and we’ll welcome him into the quarterback room and get him caught to speed.”

If Johnson does well enough in practice, Manning might end up knowing more than just a little about him.

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