Negron: The Staten Island Yankees Hosts Hank’s Yanks

We have just completed seven seasons of Hank’s Yanks baseball.

Hank’s Yanks is Hank Steinbrenner’s brain child, which helps hundreds of Tri-State Area kids play baseball, whether they can afford it or not. Approximately 15 kids have been drafted during that time. Many have received college scholarships and at least two are on 40-man rosters, with Williams Jeres about to be called up in September by the Boston Red Sox.

I was the original manager and proudly brag that my teams won three citywide championships.

hankThe senior team is now led by New York City Police Officer Mark Wilson, who also manages two younger teams. We are very lucky and grateful to have Mark guiding these young players. He really cares about the kids and it makes Hank’s life with Hank’s Yanks easier.

A big appreciation goes to Yankee scout Cesar Presbott, who has always scouted all areas of New York and players he can’t sign now have been able to be parked on the Hank’s Yanks teams.

A big thanks goes to Jane Rogers, the general manager of the Staten island Yankees for always welcoming our teams there. A big thank you goes to all scouts who come to see our kids play and make them feel like they can make it to the Majors.

Finally, a special thank you goes to Leo Caputo for running two of our younger teams on the Connecticut Hank’s Yanks.

Youth Baseball is still flourishing in the New York Area and the Steinbrenner name is usually close by to give a helping hand to all kids.

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