Negron: Nobody Does it Better – A Typical Weekend at Yankee Stadium

If I were to throw a big time party, I would have to ask Debbie Tymon to plan it. I’m sure many of you are asking, “Who is Debbie Tymon?” Debbie is the Yankees’ Senior Vice President of Marketing – our own in-house party planner. Any event that takes place on the field is planned and overseen by Debbie.

This was a classic weekend for her at Yankee Stadium. Friday was the Alex Rodriguez on field farewell ceremony. Debbie did such a fabulous job that I can honestly say I saw so many people who had never liked A-Rod, with tears in their eyes, as every sentimental and orchestrated moment took place. His little girl’s coming on the field with Mariano Rivera and his mom being led by none other than Mr. October, Reggie Jackson, was right on because of the respect that A-Rod and Reggie have for each other and the love that A-Rod has for Mo. The only thing I will not give Debbie Tymon credit for was the “God like” thunder heard when Hal Steinbrenner gave Alex the framed uniform.

All in all, Friday was a great start to an incredible weekend which was followed on Saturday with the 20th anniversary celebration of the 1996 Yankees that brought back almost every member of that team. If Don Zimmer had been there, then I would have given Debbie credit for the lightning the night before. However she did have a beautiful video of Don Zimmer shown on the scoreboard, which made it perfect. How she gathers up all these players from years gone by is a miracle – a Yankee miracle!

Sunday came with another celebration planned by Debbie. This one for the great Yankee closer, Mariano Rivera. The “Core Four” was there along with David Cone, Tino Martinez and their manager Joe Torre. Also present was Pitching Coach Mel Stottlemyre and the wonderful and very talented, underrated trainer, Gene Monahan. I say underrated because during the 40 years that I have been in baseball, I have never seen a more hard-working trainer on any sports team, and God knows I have seen a lot of them.

Also at the presentation was Jennifer Steinbrenner-Swindal, The Boss’s eldest daughter.

Mariano gave a very nice, humble and to the point speech. Hal Steinbrenner making the on the field presentation was the perfect touch because having the Steinbrenner presence is always special. It would have been nice to have Hank and Hal, the two Steinbrenner boys, present that day but as Doris Day once said, “Que sera sera.”

Debbie Tymon, you have been doing this for a very long time in a very beautiful way. I congratulate you and your hard-working staff. One of George Steinbrenner’s favorite songs of the 1970s was Carly Simon’s “Nobody Does it Better.” The last four words to the song are, “Baby, you’re the best.” The Boss would have agreed that Marvin Hamlisch – who penned the tune – wrote it for you, Debbie!

Congratulations we still have not seen your best and I’m glad about that.

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