Soccoa: Is this Really the End for A-Rod?

We’ve heard the same repetitive question all week long, is this really the end for Alex Rodriguez. Prior to his final game in Yankee pinstripes at least, Rodriguez sat at the podium for one last pregame press conference and stated what he has said since the announcement of his release, “It’s time to spend time with my family and my girls”.

A-Rod has been adamant about that all week. He’s fielded questions after questions, much of the same tone of what are you going to do next? And time after time he’s stated those words of wanting to go back home to Miami and be with his girls.

In fact, what Rodriguez is really looking forward to a nap, yes a long nap. “To be honest, I’m going to go home and take a nice long nap”. Naps are quite good; I take them myself on down time.

After being in that conference and listening to A-Rod consistently all week long, maybe he is serious. It sounds like this can be the last ever major league baseball game that he ever plays. When asked if teams start calling him would he contemplate answering he simply stated, “Unless it’s Hal, I’m not answering my phone.”

We can go back and forth with this topic. Baseball players love their numbers, and to think that Rodriguez is content with 696, just 4 shy of 700 seems to be crazy. If you hear the tone, if you listen to him talk, then it sounds like this really is it for arguably the most controversial athlete in all sports.

There is however, this small little voice in my head saying that A-Rod has lied many times, so could he be just saying this all to make us believe this is really it? Could it be a tactic of many celebrities where it’s the credo of make them miss me, then come back. When you look at the big picture and the way A-Rod has been his during his 22-year major league career it doesn’t seem so farfetched.

So is this really it? I guess we’ll have to call the one person for the job to get the “truth” out of Mr. Rodriguez – Katie Couric.

Bueller, Bueller, Bueller, anyone…..

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