JPP Leads By Example

If the Giants are going to win the division, which they have hopes of doing, the defense will need to be more Big Blue Wrecking Crew and less Swiss cheese.

There are some new faces but one of the returners will receive a lot of attention. Jason Pierre-Paul fought through his much publicized hand injury last season and will look to be an anchor of the defense. Pierre-Paul admitted that he’s not quite where he wants to be at this point.

“No, but I’m getting there,” Pierre-Paul said. “I’m getting there, still trying to rush the passer, play the run, get my blocks right, communicate with Hank or Snacks, whoever lines up with me. If we’re running the game or something, let them know, it’ll be different and that’s basically what training camp is all about.”

Giants fans will be fine with the fact that he’s not where he wants to be right now, as long as he’s happy with where he’s at during the season opener at Dallas.

The chemistry between teammates can be just as important as talent or what is in the playbook. After line drills, Pierre-Paul had a word with Bobby Hart. Head coach Ben McAdoo said, “We have been talking a lot about toughness and physicality and doing it together and family is important and we are all one family here.”

It seems hard to believe, but Pierre-Paul is entering his seventh season in the league. The two-time Pro Bowler and Super Bowl XLVI champion is now taking on a role of speaking to the younger players and giving them advice. “I talk to them all the time,” Pierre-Paul said. “I talk to the d-line, the young d-linemen that we have and I try and teach them the best way I can. Sometimes there’s shortcuts around things and I try and teach them the shortcuts. Some people learn differently, so I’m doing the best I can to teach the guys because at the end of the day we’re going to need them.”

That doesn’t mean his teammates should be expecting any sort of Ray Lewis style locker room speech.

“I’m not a leader in a vocal way,” Pierre-Paul said. “Me, I just play on the field and my guys follow me.”

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