Soccoa: Yankees-Mets Trade Would Make Perfect Sense

It’s a rare occasion when you bring up the possibility of a trade between the two New York teams. It just doesn’t happen. George Steinbrenner would never allow it if he were alive. Times have changed. George isn’t here anymore and it makes perfect sense why the Mets should call the Yankees.

Terry Collins has puzzled us with the use of Jeurys Familia over the last week. It goes to show the desperation the Mets are in to win ball games. It’s a lot on Familia who has been used often for the last two season and maybe why not he’s been a dominant closer recently. They do however need to add a piece and that piece would and should be Andrew Miller.

Miller in that Mets bullpen addresses a major need of insurance and a deadly combo in the eighth and ninth inning. The Mets have the starting pitching to get it there so again it makes perfect sense. If the Mets want to go for it they should give Brian Cashman a call.

The chances of that happening though is smaller than willing Saturday’s powerball but it would be worth a shot and a very good discussion. The asking price on Miller is high so the Mets would have to part with someone big.

The Mets could also kill two birds with one stone and try and get Carlos Beltran in a packaged deal with Miller. Beltran who has been the hottest hitter and most consistent on the Yankees could help the Mets struggling offense. It will connect so the starting pitchers don’t have to pitch nearly perfect to get it to that mentioned combo of Miller and Familia.

All of these scenarios seem great to talk about. If the Mets are serious of going for it then this is what they should do. Teams around them in the national league are getting better. The Cubs are the major threat with acquiring Aroldis Chapman earlier this week from Yankees. The Nationals maybe forced to go all in for Miller to help that floundering bullpen and the Marlins just added Andrew Cashner from the Padres. The National League looks strong and the Mets don’t want to fall behind the pack otherwise it would be a tremendous disappointment following a trip to the World Series just last season.

It’s a deal Mets fans can dream of and would like but the Yankees and Mets just don’t do trades which still puzzles me to this day considering they play each other four times and are in different leagues. We won’t see a Subway Series World Series anytime soon so who cares at who goes in a trade. If the Mets really have that unfinished business to take care of them this is the time to go in and finish it.

Call the Yankees.

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