McDonald: A Game For The Birds Makes You See Red

This game was really for the birds.

First, in the seventh inning, a fine feathered friend that resembled a robin, flew into the press box causing chaos for the few reporters – including this one – in the row by the opened window.

The bird, though, hung around just long enough for Yoesnis Cespedes to hit his go ahead home run in the bottom of the seventh.

Last year was the parakeet and this year was the robin.

Great Met win right?

Well, the ever reliable Jeurys Familia, who sometimes resembles Doug Henning out there, ran out of magic tricks tonight.

Two runs in the ninth gave the Cardinals the come from behind 5-4 Cardinal win.

“This is a tough one to take. When you come back on Adam Wainwright and you have a chance to win the game,” said manager Terry Collins. “When you have your closer who has been so light’s out give up two hits, it’s a little tougher to take.”

Ok, sure, all good things must come to an end and every closer blows saves from Mariano Rivera on down. So before you get your pitchforks and torches out, remember he saved 52 regular season games in a row and is one of the best in baseball.

But much like the DNC, when emails are released on the web, this one sticks in your craw. This was a series the Mets really needed to win. Two of three from the Cardinals would have helped them mightily the Wild Card race. Even though the Dodgers without Clayton Kershaw look like the Patriots without Tom Brady, the Mets will still need to deal with the Marlins, who might have that miracle run in them this year, and these Redbirds.

Only two are going to make the Wild Card and a game like this may leave the Mets looking at a Red October from the golf course.

The bottom line is that this went for a real quality win and a statement game to a bad loss for the hometown faithful. The Mets had a chance to win a series behind Logan Verrett, who is fitting very nicely in the No. 5 slot.

And to make you feel even worse, because Familia hasn’t failed in such a long time, it gives you that bad feeling, harkening back to the days of Armando Benitez.

“This was something that hasn’t happened in quite some time with Jeurys Familia,” Collins said. “But we have to come back tomorrow and get ready to play.”

Ah yes, the beauty of baseball is that the next game is always a day away and with the Rockies coming in, they can forget this fiasco. A camp day to boot with the Mets starting at 1:10 can remove this bad taste.

Jacob deGrom to the rescue and a nice outing by No. 48 will erased any bird droppings on the Mets face.

But tonight, the Amazin’s laid a really large egg.


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