After All These Years, The Cyclones Are Still Unique

Minor league games are very different from their major league counterparts.

Because of the level of play and the unfamiliarity of the players for the fans, teams have to resort to different promotions to draw crowds.

Even in the fourth largest city in the world.

The Brooklyn Cyclones aren’t immune to the rigors of the minor league draw. Sure, there are nights like Thursday’s Irish Night where there was a packed house of over 6,200 fans

But then last night, there was a sparse crowd even with the announced tickets sales of 4,487.

So the Cyclones do things like Irish Night, Star Wars Night, and even a Full House Night complete with John Stamos bobbleheads, which make their games much more than just a baseball game.

However, on ever home Friday game – like last night – there’s a promotion that could be pushing the line.

In-game fireworks.

Now, this isn’t put on by the Cyclones. The fireworks go off in Coney Island between 9:45 and 10:00 every Friday if the team is playing or not.

Quick game. No problem.

A game like last night, well…

“It’s a distraction for the batter,” said Cyclones manager Tom Gamboa. “I just wish we could finish a game within 2 hours and 45 minutes so we don’t have to go through it, but every time we play, it seems to be a three hour game.”

And like clockwork during the top of the ninth inning, the Cyclones and Aberdeen Ironbirds saw the rockets’ red glare.

It slowed the game down -batters stepping out of the box and pitchers getting off the rubber. To make matters worse for the home team, which just game up four runs in the eighth, allowed four in the ninth.

Unfortunately, it’s just a fact of life for Gamboa, who is more concerned with player development than winning games. The Cyclones are 15-19 on the season despite the .208 team batting average and pitching that’s 10th in the league.

Almost a miracle to be just four games under .500 with stats like that. And you thought it was bad in Queens.

Maybe it’s the manager? “Yeah,” Gamboa laughed when asked.

Or maybe the fireworks aren’t such a bad idea after all.

Either way, it’s always fun in Coney Island.

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