A Tribute To Howard Goldin

A member of the New York Sports Day team, Howard Goldin, passed away on Monday.

Howard was a beloved veteran of the press box who covered the Yankees, Mets, New York City Football Club, Fordham University basketball, the Heisman Trophy ceremony, and other sports and cultural events.

Here are remembrances about this great man from his colleagues:

Jason Schott – New York Sports Day Senior Reporter 

Howard Goldin might have been the happiest guy in the press box. He always was cheerful and appreciative of what he got the chance to do every day, which was write about sports, especially his beloved Yankees. Howard was a fan of the Yankees going back to when Joe DiMaggio was in the outfield, so the get the chance to cover them was a dream come true.

Howard loved baseball, but he also covered things like NYC FC and international soccer at Yankee Stadium, boxing, college basketball, and anything that would be of interest to his readers. He and covered everything with the same verve, giving his unique take on the proceedings.

Always appreciative, Howard loved getting to chat with people like Tommy Lasorda at an MLB Draft event, and while covering the Yankees, becoming friends with George Steinbrenner and David Cone.

One of Howard’s proudest moments was when Yankees President Randy Levine brought him into his office for an interview with pastor Joel Osteen. Howard watched Osteen every week, so to get to interview him before his mass at Yankee Stadium in 2014 meant a lot to him.

Howard appreciated the human side of sports, getting to know the players as people. After NYC FC’s win on June 18, Howard was glad that he wished Frank Lampard a happy birthday following his postgame press conference, and that Lampard appreciated the thoughtful gesture.

That was the kind of man Howard was. He sought to brighten the world around him.

David Freeman – Barclays Center College Basketball Public Address Announcer

I’m not sure how long I’ve known Howard, seems to me he was covering events as far back as I can remember. I know he was one of the first to congratulate me when I became one of the Official Scorers in New York, and he always had nice words to say to me when I was on the mic. THAT is what I truly will miss: Howard was one of the nicest people you could ever meet.

Waiting around for the stars of the day to speak post game is not as glamorous as it sounds. While others would stand around and pout or gather in small groups to share their “pain”, Howard would always be standing by with a smile on his face ready with a question to ask.

Professional, friendly, sincere. I’m sad that I never got to tell him that in person.

Scott Engel – RotoExperts.com, Fantasy Sports Network (FNTSY)

Howard Goldin was truly one of the nicest guys in the press box. More than anyone, he reminded us why we love what we do. He never took the privilege of coming to the stadium for granted, seemingly enjoying every moment.

He loved the people, he loved the game and he was at home with all of us and perched above the field. We’re blessed to be in this business, and Howard reveled in every moment of it with joy and glee.

When you were frustrated about something going on in your day, Howard was simply glad that it was the day to be at the ballpark. His purity of spirit will be missed as a presence, but not forgotten as an example.

David Russell – New York Sports Day Staff Writer

Howard was one of the genuinely nicest people that I’ve met. I don’t think I heard him curse or say a bad word about anyone. I enjoyed seeing him at sporting events and running into him in Forest Hills or Rego Park.

Howard was bilingual and covered the Mets Spanish speaking press conferences at Citi Field. He was a big music fan. Howard saw Little Stevie Wonder open for Mary Wells at Freedomland. A few weeks ago, he saw Dolly Parton perform at Forest Hills Stadium.

The first baseball game he went to was a Yankees-Red Sox game at the original Yankee Stadium. He never forgot seeing Ted Williams at the plate.

His favorite game he attended was a toss-up. There was Game 6 of the 1996 World Series, which he attended with his late brother, and was the first World Series game he ever attended. The other one was David Cone’s perfect game, which Howard attended because it was Yogi Berra Day.


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