Mr. Met Gets His Own Card

wp-MrMetAs Topps continues to roll out its 2016 cards, who will be the most popular Met? deGrom? Syndegaard, The Dark Knight? Nah. How about a first timer? Steven Matz? Nope. Let’s go for Mr. Met. On Wednesday the company will unveil one of its favorite offerings for kids, the irreverent Wacky Packages, only this year they will also have an MLB tint, complete with some young stars, some relics like pieces of stadia (can we get some orange plastic from Shea still?), and yes a mascot or two.

The one generating the buzz? Flushing’s Favorite, who has his own signed card. Now that’s a way to kick off the spring. The set  will feature 90 base cards that parody all 30 MLB teams, MLB events, Minor League Baseball teams and ballpark foods in a comprehensive set that should get everyone laughing.

Baseball fans and collectors can find MLB Wacky Packages in hobby shops, Target, Wal-Mart, and on March 9.

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