McDonald: Murphy’s Law Rules Game 5

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From 1984-1990 – also known as the last time the Mets owned New York – their spiritual guidance was led by their chaplain, Father Dan Murphy.

The current pastor of St. Saviors’ parish in Park Slope, Brooklyn, is long gone from his days guiding the Mets but he is still rooting for his team favorite team.

And maybe, he prayed for his club last night, and especially for his namesake, second baseman Daniel Murphy.

The Mets second baseman had the game of his life last night. Driving in the first and go-ahead runs and stealing third on a walk, setting up and scoring the tying run.

Last night, the Mets needed someone to step-up against Zach Greinke, who was very sharp during the game with that 12-6 curveball dropping throughout the strike-zone.

But Murphy – the second baseman – wasn’t fooled.

“I did notice it just because he’s kind of — he can be quick to the plate, so I think I had to notice it because I was going to need to get my foot down just a little earlier,” Murphy said. “Once he’s from the wind up, anybody’s from the wind up, you have an opportunity to kind of get in rhythm with him. But like my first at-bat, he kind of — his heater jumps on you so much that the first two surprised me.

“So I had to get my foot down a little earlier. So once he went to the stretch I just get like get your feet on the earth, or he’s going to chew you up and spit you out.”

Too many times this year, the Mets infielder was vilified for mental gaffs in the field and on the bases, but to take third on a Lucas Duda walk, where he slowly trotted to second base and then took off when no one was covering third made up for any shortcomings this season.

It was too easy, right?

“Don’t see me I think is the best way to describe it, please,” he said “Lucas does such a great job to win that at-bat. I think we’ve seen the way Zack can mix his pitches 3-1, and 3-2. So to win it, they’ve got the shift worked on him, so I’m kind of running into second, and I looked for it before and hoping that nobody’s there, then you’ve got to give a peak and hope that nobody calls timeout, because then I go sprinting to third base and somebody calls timeout, and I look like a buffoon, and I didn’t want that to happen.”

Instead it was the Dodgers who look foolish and now they get a long winter to think about what happened.

And the Mets now face the Cubs in what is expected to be an epic battle.

Do the Mets and their pitching take over the Cubs, their lineup and kill the legend of the Billy Goat?

Ah yes, the goat. Take a guess what his name was?

You guessed it…Murphy.

Should be some series.

Just call it Murphy’s Law.

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