The Trade That Was Not, The Day After

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It’s not often that the big news near the trade deadline is a deal that doesn’t happen.

That’s what the Mets had to deal with on Wednesday night when it was reported that Zack Wheeler and Wilmer Flores were being sent to Milwaukee for Carlos Gomez.

The transaction did not happen as the Mets had some concerns over Gomez’s hip.

News of the trade circulated through Citi Field. David Wright told Collins what the word was, but the manager had not received a call in the dugout from Sandy Alderson.

“Until that phone rings right there, it’s not done in my mind.”

This could be a blessing in disguise for the Mets. Wheeler and Flores could go on to have a nice career with the Mets.

Although stats aren’t everything, Gomez is hitting .266 with eight home runs, not exactly Darryl Strawberry numbers. And the Mets still have another day to trade for a bat.

All of the rumors overshadowed a lousy start by Bartolo Colon and a three home-run performance by Lucas Duda.

The trade talk led to moments such as Flores crying on the field and Collins being criticized for not taking out the infielder after many thought he was no longer a Met.

The manager took a bit of a beating during and after the game online. Collins was asked if it’s tougher to manage in this era of social media.

“Only if you’re on it. Only if you read it,” Collins said. “I come to the ballpark everyday and I only worry about getting ready to play, getting ready to write a lineup that I think’s got a chance to be successful.”

The Mets skipper does not feel the need to tweet.

“I’m old enough, guys, that I don’t think anybody really gives a s— what I do today. That I’m going to the store and buy some bread. That’s interesting to some people.”

Flores didn’t play in Thursday’s game against San Diego. Collins wanted to give him a day to rest mentally.

“You guys think these are cold-hearted, robotic people. They’re not, they got emotions. This kid loves it here. He’s a Met, he’s been a Met since he was 16. He was thrilled that the fans, the same fans that two months ago booed him, were giving him a standing ovation. I think it’s a tribute to our fans that they respect the player himself and what he stands for and I thought Wilmer handled it great.”

Flores, who has hit 10 homers this year, became emotional and cried on the field.

“Ok, he showed a little emotion, there’s nothing wrong with that for me,” Collins said. “It shows you they’re real people.”

There could be an issue of Flores playing for a team that tried to send him away. Collins tried to soothe the young infielder who came to the Mets in August 2013.

“I reassured him that when you’re in the big leagues, people want you. And if you’re a good player, people want you and you’re still here because we want and you’re a big part of this team. Don’t ever be ashamed if your name’s mentioned in a trade because you might be the one piece that could bring something to is that makes us better, and that’s all part of the game.”

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