Melo Speaks At Media Day

Knicks star Carmelo Anthony spoke on Friday at NBA All-Star Media Day about whether he will shut it down for the season after Sunday’s game and his time at Syracuse.

  1. Melo, we’ve been hearing a lot of “most likely” the last couple of days. Are you shutting it down after the All-Star Game?
    CARMELO ANTHONY: I haven’t made that decision. I haven’t made that decision. I just want to enjoy the weekend first.

    Q. How has it been for you being, quote, the ambassador for these guys?
    CARMELO ANTHONY: It’s been good. Today just to see all the guys come into town, it’s been fun so far.

    Q. A lot of folks questioning you playing on Sunday because of the knee.
    CARMELO ANTHONY: The fans voted me in, I want to play. I’m here. I’m home. I think I can give it a shot, at least for the fans’ sake. Take it from there. Just to enjoy it. Enjoy the weekend. For some guys this is their first time All-Star Weekend. Just enjoy the weekend. Embrace this moment. Have as much fun as you can.

    Q. How much does this mean to you starting at The Garden?
    CARMELO ANTHONY: That’s an honor to me. To be able to start an All-Star Game in my home court, to represent New York in New York, one of the biggest stages in sports. So for me to be that face, I’m honored to be here.

    Q. You know the history of the All-Star Games in Madison Square Garden?
    CARMELO ANTHONY: I know a couple. I’m a little student of the game.

    Q. MJ was the MVP last time.
    CARMELO ANTHONY: Yeah. MJ was MVP. It was Kobe’s first game. So that was another historical moment.

    Q. How great was the one in ’68?
    CARMELO ANTHONY: I saw a picture of that one. I wasn’t there to witness that one.

    Q. The score was 144-122 East.
    CARMELO ANTHONY: It might be there this Sunday with the guys in this All-Star Game.

    Q. In Syracuse, do you feel that connection and that legacy and impact in just one year in college?
    CARMELO ANTHONY: Winning. Winning says it all. Especially coming — Syracuse never won a championship. So for me to help that team win its first championship, especially — (Inaudible) for me to be a part of that (Inaudible) .

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