Australian Open Men’s Final Notes



For Djokovic:



Can Djokovic collect his 5th Australian Open championship (in 7 years)?


If he wins the Aussie Open,


  • Novak will be the record holder at the Australian Open in the Open-era (the absolute record belongs to Roy Emerson with 6 titles);


  • he will be the ONLY 5-time champion of the Australian Open history!


  • he will join the “5-Club”, the winners of five singles titles at one Grand Slam (all-time): Laurie Doherty and Bjorn Borg 5-5 Wimbledon, Connors-Sampras-Federer 5-5-5 US Open titles;


  • Serbia will tie the fourth place with UK and Switzerland on the “Aussie Open champions by country” all-time list (1. Australia 50, US 19, Sweden 6, UK-Switzerland 5-5, Serbia 4 titles);


  • Serbia will have 8 titles on the list of Grand Slam singles titles by country in the Open-era passing Germany (the country of Djokovic’s coach);


  • this will be his 50th won match at the Aussie Open.

Since 2005, Djokovic has 11 consecutive appearances in Melbourne, and everytime when he got through the quarterfinals, he always won!


Furthermore, he has a flawless, 100% record in the finals (4-0) (only Agassi has the same record among the players with minimum 4 final appearances);


Djokovic won his first Grand Slam (and Aussie Open) title on February 1, 2008.

Today is February 1 again…..




For Murray:


Can Andy Murray finally have a breakthrough in Melbourne where he lost 3 finals here? Murray s still chasing his 1st Aussie title.


If he wins the Aussie Open,

  • he will be the first player from United Kingdom who wins this championship in the Open-era;


  • he will be 6th player from United Kingdom who won the Australian Championships (J.C.Parke, F.G.Lowe, A. Kingscote, J.Gregory, F.Perry);


  • he will be on the 5th on the British Grand Slam champions’ all-time list:
  1. Perry 8 titles
  2. Renshaw 7 titles
  3. Laurie Doherty 6 titles
  4. Reginald Doherty 4 titles
  5. Wilfred Baddeley, Arthur Gore 3-3 titles
  6. John Hartley, Joshua Pim, Andy Murray 2-2 titles;


  • United Kingdom will tie the third place with Sweden on the “champions by country” all-time list (1. Australia 50, US 19, Sweden 6, UK-Switzerland 5-5 titles);


  • this will be his 40th won match at the Aussie Open.


Every UK player won the Australian Championships ONLY ONCE!




1912   James Cecil ParkE

1915 Sir Francis Gordon LowE

1919 Algernon KingscotE

1929 John Colin GregorY

1934 Fred PerrY

2015 Andy MurraY ?


The first 3 British players’last letter of their names ended E.

The last 3 British players’ last letter of their names ended Y.





Mystery in history in Melbourne….


100 years ago, 1915, a player from United Kingdom, Sir Francis Gordon Lowe (GBR) won the Australian Championships! This history repeats itself?


1915                                                         2015

Gordon Lowe                                     Andy Murray


QF              6-3 6-2 6-3                              6-3 7-6 6-3                     3 sets

SF               3-6 6-3 7-5 7-5                        6-7 6-0 6-3 7-5              4 sets

F                 4-6 6-1 6-1 6-4                        ????                               ?

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