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The wonderful game of football if watched and played all over the world from the favelas in Brazil to the streets of Liverpool (where Wayne Rooney learnt his trade). Football is enjoyed as a sport everywhere.

Football is not just a game to be played in the local park, it is played in massive stadiums and watched by millions across the world and not only do these viewers enjoy watching the game but they also like to have the odd bet on the outcome of these games. M88 is an online casino who has several punters betting on Football games across the world!

Here’ a quick breakdown of some of the major football leagues in the world.

The Premiership in England is one of the greatest leagues in the whole world with people watching the likes of Chelsea and Arsenal play each weekend, not only to huge crowds in the stadiums but also huge television audiences across the world.

La Liga is the league based in Spain where the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona ply their trade. Real Madrid is the most valuable football team in the world with an extraordinary value of $3,440 million, with Barcelona not far behind with a value of $3,200 million. It is incredible to think that these powerhouse teams have so much wealth and value – when to break it down. It is just a simple game of kicking a ball around.

Das Bundesliga in Germany has the team Bayern Munich worth $1,850 million – the team with one of the most incredible fan bases in the entire world and home to the likes of Xabi Alonso and Arjen Robben. Bayern Munich have won 24 national titles and are the most successful tam in German Football.

Serie A is the Brazilian Football League, it has 20 teams, with teams such as Santos and Palmieras playing for the top spot. (They’ve won 8 titles each) This year Santos bought Leandro Damião, the most expensive player in their history at roughly 13 Million Euros. Suprisingly the Brazilian League is not the most well attended in South America – it is the Argentine Primera División that holds that title.

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