Ivanovic Upset In The Second Round


After looking so strong in the first round and coming back to her form from earlier in her career, Ana Ivanovic went out with a whimper in the second round, 7-5, 6-4.

“It was very tough out there for me today,” she said. “I really struggled to find my rhythm and made way too many unforced errors. Yeah, it was just really bad day. She served well, and she played good at important points, but I think I just did not play as well as I did.”

So it was meet the new Ana, same as the old Ana. Her talk of finding herself in the last year, pretty much was just that and you could hear the disappointment in her voice as she searched for answers.

“You know, it’s very disappointing,” she said. “It’s never easy, you know, to finish, and especially this early. I was really, you know, hoping I can make a good run and push. But, you know, I’m definitely going to assess what went wrong and what I can work on. You know, still, I thought I had pretty good summer. You know, very disappoint today finish this early and in this manner, you know, because I really felt it wasn’t my game out there today.”

She played so well this summer and Ivanovic seems to have the smaller matches down pat, but when it comes to a major, she just fold. And it makes sense, since she doesn’t seem to relish the spotlight.

“I think there are lots of exercises to try and do this and to stop, you know, just going and playing the game,” she said. “I think I have done really well. I changed a lot in that manner. But, you know, still sometimes when I want it too much, then I go back to those patterns. But it’s really changing a lot. Like I said, you know, I really want to reassess how to approach the Grand Slams maybe differently and see what I did wrong in my preparation to them.

“This is exactly what I think I have to reassess,” she said. “I had great leadups to every Grand Slam. I played a lot of matches and won lot of matches. And big matches, as well. At the Grand Slams I just haven’t performed that well. It’s something that I’m definitely going to work on and see where I can improve, because that’s definitely, you know, big aim for me for next season.”

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