Jets Are A Mess

The New York Jets defeated the New York Giants on Saturday in a painfully long preseason game that went into overtime, 24-21. That is the good news for the Jets. What is the bad news? Just about everything else that happened on Saturday evening.

Jets second-round draft pick Geno Smith got the start at the quarterback position, and with the inconsistency that fellow quarterback Mark Sanchez has shown, the rookie had a chance to steal the starting job. He quickly ended that possibility, as he threw not one, not two, but three first-half interceptions to make Mark Sanchez look like a good ball protector. (Sanchez, by the way, has more turnovers than any National League Football player over the last two seasons.)

Smith did lead the Jets on two touchdown drives, but he also stepped out-of-bounds to hand the Giants two points in the second half on a safety. Smith finished the game completing 16-30 passes, for 199 yards, with a touchdown, three interceptions, and a QB rating of 45.7. But, Jets fans, it gets worse!

For some strange reason that Rex Ryan has been unable to explain to this point, Mark Sanchez came into the game in the fourth quarter, and was tackled by defensive lineman Marvin Austin. Sanchez struggled to get up, and left the game holding his throwing shoulder. He has since been ruled out of Thursday’s game, and is listed as day-to-day.

Why would Rex Ryan put his starting quarterback for the first four seasons of his coaching career out there with a sub-par offensive line? At least Ryan has been consistent. Just a week prior, Sanchez was in the game in the third quarter while being protected by the bench players. Fortunately for the Jets, Sanchez escaped harm the previous week, but was unable to do the same Saturday. Let’s hope Sanchez recovers, and is able to start opening day, because Geno Smith proved that he is not ready for that responsibility just yet.

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