Bloomberg Sports Launches ‘Slam Insights,’ Enhanced Tennis Analytics

Bloomberg Sports (BSports), the world’s leaders in sports analytic technology, today announced the launch of enhanced analytics for tennis leading into the 2013 US Open. “Slam Insights” will provide fans and media with a wide variety of customized and exclusive analytic content of all ATP and WTA main draw players as the final Grand Slam event of the year gets underway on Monday, August 26. It will mark BSports’ most extensive foray into tennis analytics, following its highly popular analytic work in Major League Baseball, the NFL and European soccer.

“We are very pleased to be able to offer ‘Slam Insights’ as another example of how our enhanced analytic tools can help improve the fan and media experience, this time for tennis,” said Bill Squadron, president of Bloomberg Sports. “Using our core technology and mathematical approach to analyzing vast amounts of tennis data, the new tennis features will provide insights into player performance that will be fun, innovative and engaging for those who love analytics and those with a passion for tennis.”

“Slam Insights” will actually launch this week, in advance of the US Open qualifying tournament, with a series of daily player profiles and statistical customized breakdowns. It will also feature video insights from BSports’ tennis analyst Stephanie Brown and former WTA player Neha Uberoi looking at the key numbers using BSports Algorithms to create power rankings for serves, returns, and power hitters. Among the distinctive lessons derived from the data is that Roger Federer’s serve is no longer ranked amongst the elite this season based on the Bloomberg Sports metrics.  On the other hand, David Ferrer’s surge in performance is affirmed as he ranks at the top of the 2013 Returners list.  On the women’s side, two Americans rank amongst the top servers with Serena Williams at the top of the list, while the lesser known Madison Keys ranks second.

BSports will also be continuing with its daily look at the numbers in all sports including MLB, the launch of 2013-14 European Football and the NFL as well.

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