USA, Iran, Russia To Compete In Grand Central Terminal May 15 As Part Of Beat The Streets Gala

For the past two years, USA Wrestling and Beat The Streets have hosted international wrestling events surrounded by the neon lights of Times Square.  Today, the organizations announced that another New York landmark — Grand Central Terminal — will serve as the venue for USA, Russia and Iran in a unique event set for May 15.

Billed “The Rumble On The Rails,” this international wrestling event will be a showcase competition as part of World Wrestling Month, which was declared by the international wrestling federation FILA.

The three wrestling superpowers have come together in sport, if not always in politics, to bolster the Keep Olympic Wrestling movement. On February 12, the International Olympic Committee Executive Board made a recommendation that wrestling not be a core sport at the 2020 Olympic Games. A final decision on the program of the 2020 Olympics will be made by the entire IOC in September.

“We are elated to bring together three nations this year to show not just how great the sport of wrestling is, but to exemplify how sport provides a common bond for countries who do not always see eye to eye on issues,” Beat The Streets Chairman Mike Novogratz said. “Like our dual meets in Times Square the past two years, ‘The Rumble On The Rails’ will be an event that that will transcend the power of wrestling, while raising much needed funds for the inner city kids who participate in our Beat The Streets program year round. It will be a great night for our program and our sport, and an amazing night for The City of New York.”

“It is an exciting opportunity for wrestling to show the world its ability to bring together nations of different political, cultural and geographic backgrounds,” said USA Wrestling Executive Director Rich Bender. “The unique venue as well as New York City’s status as a media capitol of the world will provide one of the most compelling showcase settings our sport has ever had. We are excited to participate in World Wrestling Month, and pleased to partner again with Beat the Streets New York to bring wrestling to new heights.”

“The Rumble On The Rails,” is a private event. Tickets are required for admission and they must be bought ahead of time from No tickets will be available on site at the event. There will be no standing room only opportunities and no view from the pedestrian walkway. Anybody who would like to see this outstanding competition must plan ahead and secure a ticket prior to the competition.

For more, see the full announcement here.

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