Giants, Jets Among ‘Football’s Greatest’

One is among the original key franchises in the league; the other has been trying to catch up for a half-century.  The Giants and Jets, in part by virtue of being here in New York, both have their places in NFL history.

Sports Illustrated‘s new book, Football’s Greatest, highlights Top Ten lists in numerous categories, from the basics like top players at each position or greatest franchise to more random ones like best uniforms and rivalries.

The Giants are understandably more represented, their history over several generations earning mention on the lists.  But the Jets have a few spots, and the teams even share one — Coach Bill Parcells, somehow not yet a Hall of Famer but considered the No. 10 coach of all time by the panel of SI experts that includes the likes of Peter King, Tim Layden and Don Banks.

The biggest Giants superlatives on SI’s charts include Lawrence Taylor as the No. 1 linebacker and the Giants-Colts ’58 NFL Championship as the greatest game ever — tough to argue those.  The famous Eli-Manning-To-David-Tyree connection in Super Bowl 42 checks in at the No. 2 play of all time (!), helping make that game No. 5 overall.  The earlier history makes appearances with old timer Mel Hein as the No. 9 offensive lineman and Emlen Tunnell as the seventh-best undrafted player ever.

Super Bowl 3 gets the Jets their top ranking at No. 4 all-time game, while Darrelle Revis, still near his prime, currently ranks as the eighth-best defensive back, and the testy Jets-Patriots rivarly rates No. 8.

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