HOPE Week Continues at Yankee Stadium on June 25

Bronx, NY—On Monday, June 25, the 4th annual HOPE Week (Helping Others Persevere & Excel) will begin at Yankee Stadium. The brainchild of Yankees Media Relations Director Jason Zillo is intended to do more than honor individuals and groups who help those in need or to celebrate those who live a life that inspires others by overcoming hardships or disabilities.

Both of the above actions are important and deserved, but the major reason for HOPE Week is to set an example and provide encouragement for other people to emulate the actions of the Yankees in doing for others.

The organization has made HOPE Week a great success by providing publicity for the many acts of goodwill. Those who learn of the inspirational work of these individuals and groups are encouraged to replicate what has been done.

The information regarding next week’s events is being embargoed by the Yankees until the events have taken place so the full nature of the surprise will be protected.

Judging by the activities of the past three years, one can be sure that the manner in which the Yankees choose to act will be well-planned, appropriate and the memory of a lifetime for each of the recipients who will be honored. It is also clear that the organization has acted as a unitary entity as all the players, all the coaches, the manager, the general manager, front office personnel and former stars have participated in each of the previous years.

The voluntary acts of decency and the support of the Yankees for them were cited by President Obama at the White House during a function in which the team was honored for winning the 2009 World Series. The Steinbrenner family received the President’s Volunteer Service Award for HOPE Week in 2011.

George Steinbrenner’s daughter, Jennifer Steinbrenner Swindal, spoke of the honor from the president, “The whole effort that Jason Zillo started has been so special and has made a difference in so many people’s lives. Having President Obama’s recognition gives me hope that everybody will take HOPE Week and incorporate it in every other aspect of life.”

The initiative of the Yankees is growing. Each of the Yankees farm teams will have its own version of HOPE week in its own communities this summer. The Minnesota Twins celebrated its second annual HOPE Week program in Minnesota earlier this month.

Anyone wishing further information regarding HOPE Week or wishing to participate in assisting any of the individuals or groups honored in the last week of June or in the previous three years should please go to the website www.hopeweek.com.

Although the HOPE Week program is an immense undertaking, it is only one of many positive programs the Yankees and individuals within the organization support.


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