NYSD Interview with Roger Federer

Q.        Roger, you just beat Andy Murray in the finals in Dubai, but very little is written about your rivalry with him, why is that?

A.        We often meet in the semi’s and not the finals so that is probably one of the reasons, but it is a good rivalry and I feel comfortable playing him.

Q.        Tell me about the match up with Novak?

A.        I find it to be a very athletic one.

Q.        How about Rafa?

A.        With him being a lefty I have to adjust my game to play his style.

Q.        When you came up were match-ups as significant as they are now?

A.        Every player is going to have difficulties with certain players. I had some problems with Nalbadian early on, especially at the US Open Junior Finals.

Q.        Who was another player early on who you had difficulty with?

A.        Hewitt.

Q.        Where are you with respect to whom you will be playing with at the Olympics in London?

A.        I decided last December that I would not be playing mixed doubles with Martina Hinges. I am playing doubles with Stan Wawrinka and singles and it would just be too many matches. We did have a good conversation in December discussing this.

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