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McFadden’s Citi Field: A Review

Flushing, NY – One of the major drawbacks of having a ballpark in Flushing is the lack of after game activities around the ballpark area, unless, of course, you needed your car fixed. Unlike Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, which is littered with bars on River Avenue, there was nothing around Shea Stadium, except the short lived Bobby V’s restaurant and its successor The Pine, both of which are a car ride away.

Enter McFadden’s, the nation chain of Irish themed sports bars, setting up home on the street side of Citi Field, accessible from inside the ballpark itself.

At first glance, this has to be a home run for the McFadden’s franchise, as it now has a monopoly on location for the beer thirsty fans attending Met games.

This is a very spacious bar with plenty of room for fans as the get set for a matchup in the stadium or winding down after an event. They open up around three hours before game time, so there’s plenty of time to get a few brews in before the gates open.

As far as pricing, McFadden’s is pretty fair as far as New York City bars go. Regular draft beers run $6.00 with imports and tall Budweisers are $7.00. Mixed drinks will be anywhere from $7.00 to $10.00 depending on what you order.

Much like every other bar in the city, the crowd depends on the time of the week. Weekends tend be to more packed compared to weeknights and according to the staff, when the Mets win, there’s between a 20 to 30 percent increase in traffic, compared to a losing outing.

The staff seem very friendly and late night after games, the female bartenders dance on the bars, much to the delight of the male populous. Over the next few months, the staff said they will be bringing more and more promotions to their newest location, including having the Citizens Bank Park staff come up for Phillies games.

If there’s one thing though that can be viewed as negative it’s that the saloon lacks any type of Mets memorabilia. When standing at the bar, you don’t know you are at Citi Field or any other McFadden’s location. Of course, this was a problem that plagued the actual stadium last year, and the Mets corrected that, so we will give the bar some time here on it.

Overall, though, McFadden’s successful fills a void at Met games. Unlike most stadiums, there was never a place to drink after the game at Shea Stadium or Citi Field. That problem has been successfully resolved.

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  1. Christopher

    August 6, 2018 at 6:26 pm

    Can I get a table for 18?
    No , we can’t put these tables together!!!!!
    Hostess’s too busy texting and dancing !!!!
    In the background of my amazing selfie, is hostess grinding.

    Thank God for the awesome bar tender, Cole.

    Please go to yelp and my read my review on this place. But, my advice to the Manager, Samantha and all her lackluster wannabes – It comes down to take some pride it what you do… That should start with ownership all the way down to the lowest paid employee. As for Samantha… hey Sam time to be honest with yourself… you are not good at what you do. Take this as constructive criticism and request that your employer teach you the skills necessary to be a “Manager” because the word “manager” actually does mean something and I can tell you for a fact there is NO MANAGING happening at McFaddens. And that financially hurts you and everyone under you. At the end of the day we all go to work to get paid and if you expect to be paid you have to be able to offer some skill set to any prospective employer… and managing is a skill set, not just six letters after your name! Quite simply a collection of employees who have never been taught or trained to do anything . When you have a manager who has no idea how to manage why would we expect the people she would be responsible for to be any good at their job? Let’s be honest if McFaddens was not connected to Citi Field it would not survive 90 days in the real world… I have the perfect candidate for the next episode of Bar Rescue!
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    After inquiring about a possible contracted party for 18; my family chose to meet and run a tab. I had been in communication with Samantha, Manager, via e-mail about inquiries regarding a large party. MULTIPLE EMAILS. She informed me the restaurant opens 3 hours prior to game start and it’s first come first serve for tables. We arrived 2 hours prior to the start of the game. We were informed that large parties were banished to the “beer garden.” Black painted, uncomfortable picnic tables!!! We had all just commuted from quite a distance – eastern Long Island, central and northern NJ. If I had this picnic table in my backyard, I wouldn’t even sit at it!! Actually, I would drag it to the curb for garbage pick-up!! The bathroom adjoining the “beer garden” the toilets didn’t flush (have picture), one sink nicely informed us with a ripped paper towel it was out of order (have picture), and exiting the “beer garden” bathroom was a very kicked in and needed to be replaced office door (have picture.). We didn’t sit in the beer garden after multiple conversations with SAMANTHA who is the MANAGER. She told us we could sit at the table near the bar but would have to order our drinks and food from the bar; there was no waitress service. Then when my 11 year old nephew showed up they told our party of 18 we couldn’t sit there bc of this child. There were five others who were under 18 years old but security apparently only saw the 11 year old. You can’t sit here and they stare at us. Stare. Almost every table in the place is open but they don’t say let’s move you. You can’t sit here and stare. It was quite the unusual experience. Again, we wanted to sit down where you get regular service but SAMANTHA wouldn’t allow a party of 18 to put four square tables together. But, others after us put two tables together for 8 people. Security and Samantha said well they could be contracted party. But, they weren’t – they walked right off the street and were handed the same menu as me!? I saw it with my own eyes!! Samantha then responds with well clearly you never said you were having kids in your large party! This is the MANAGER who is now going out of her way to ensure we aren’t accommodated. It’s a Sunday baseball game giving out some sort of freebie as you walk in and after the game kids under 12, can run the bases. She wasn’t happy but moved us to the front near the doors probably to punish us by isolating us from the rest of the restaurant. We just wanted to sit in a comfortable CHAIR not an uncomfortable picnic table. This area where we were allowed to sit was supposed to be WAITRESS SERVICE. Never saw a waitress come near our four tables but I do have a picture of the hostess texting on her cell. For the recorded, the texting hostess (have picture) came and told us we couldn’t sit at the bar also with a minor and stared at us. This was like 15 minutes after I was told they arranging tables for us. No one communicates with anyone in this place! After we were banished to the front entrance seating; we continued walking up to the bar to place our order!!!! Clearly, there was no waitress service for a party of 18 who spent easily $1000 on drinks and bar food! Thank you to the bartender, Cole, who appeared to have the only customer service in McFadden’s. Clearly, if you own a bar or restaurant please go talk to Coke. He is for hire! I also have a picture of the dining room at 12:45 pm which is 30 mins prior to game start; just to give you a clear visual of supply and demand. If you are a proprietor to McFadden’s, direct message me by getting my email from SAMANTHA. I have 18 people who can offer suggestions to you! This family gathering was in memory of my cousin Kevin, who himself owned a sports bar and was an avid baseball fan. But, McFaddens is a place where you go once and never return!!! It was HORRIBLE!!!

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