Week 14 NCAA Predictions

Florida vs. Alabama

The two best defenses in the country face off in Atlanta.  Will Alabama get their revenge on Florida?  This game couldn’t possibly be any bigger.  We all know about both teams, very strong all around.  My feeling on this one is that Florida is likely to win it.  I’d say the biggest advantage that Alabama has on Florida are better running backs, but Tebow is certainly better than McElroy, and Florida has no problems gaining yards on the ground as well.  Two great teams, and probably the two best in America, but Florida is going to repeat as SEC champs.

Florida 24, Alabama 14

Texas vs. Nebraska

Does anyone think Nebraska is going to win this game?  No, I don’t either.  The Cornhuskers have put together a nice season.  I mean, it’s not that hard when you’re in the Big 12 North, but Nebraska was significantly better than they have been in previous seasons and the future looks bright in Lincoln, even though the team will never meet the expectations of fans, as Nebraska is simply not situated in a place where it can win national championships in today’s age.  Texas will win this year because they are significantly better, and go off to the National Championship game.

Texas 28, Nebraska 10

Clemson vs. Georgia Tech

The SEC East fifth place game, oh, wait, I mean the ACC Championship game.  Both of these teams are coming off losses to their in-state rivals, showing how good the ACC is in comparison with the SEC.  These teams both looked quite weak last week, especially Clemson, and in this game, I expect Georgia Tech to take it.  They have been the better team all season, and their option offense will give Clemson fits.  Paul Johnson has done a hell of a job with the Yellow Jackets, and their reward is a BCS game.

Georgia Tech 27, Clemson 17

Arizona @ USC

Why these two teams are playing the last week of the season, I have no idea.  Arizona looked unimpressive in beating mediocre ASU last week, while USC took care of UCLA.  This game is a matter of how seriously USC takes Arizona.  If they overlook Foles and the Arizona offense, the Cats could take it.  However, it’s the last week of the year, and the Trojans will be in the Emerald or Las Vegas Bowls with a loss, so I have a feeling USC will win and get into the more respected Holiday Bowl.

USC 28, Arizona 20

Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh

The default Big East championship game, whoever wins gets the title.  Pitt lost the Backyard Brawl last week to West Virginia, taking a little bit of luster off this game.  Both have been great all year, but Pittsburgh doesn’t have a very good home field advantage and Cincinnati has been rolling on offense all year.  I simply think Cincy is too good, and will take care of the Panthers.  Their offense is just clicking too well, and they are so close to going undefeated – so I’m confident they will get it done pretty easily.

Cincinnati 38, Pittsburgh 13

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