Fat, Arrogant, Rude Is No Way To Go Through Coaching Sir

Charlie Weis, John Tenuta, and Corwin Brown have you seen your midterm grades? In 2009 I’ve seen them.

Mr. Brown, great cornerback recruits, making every Quarterback look like a Heisman winner, and tight ends, torching an experienced secondary. Including one that plays intramurals at Annapolis? One C, two D’s, and an F congratulations you’re at the top of the pledge class.

Mr. Tenuta, 115 yard versus Nevada, game saving interceptions, 600 yards versus USC, and 348 yards on the ground against Navy. One C and three F’s what a great example you’ve set amongst outstanding credentials.

Mr. Weis a 34-31 loss to Michigan, a 34-27 loss to USC, and being defeated by service academies two of the last three years. Your grade point average is 0.2.

Fat, Arrogant, and Rude is no way to handle your self amongst the best fans in the country.

As a coaching unit combined, the last three years your GPA is 0.0. I want to repeat this to all your other assistants what I am about to tell you right now.

You’re expelled!!! ‘


I want you to vacate the campus at the end of December.

I have also informed other desperate teams that you’re all now eligible for alternate employment.

After clearing the stadium last Saturday Notre Dame Nation resembled Dean Wormer. No doubt if these men could be tied up in a room surely fans would recite the classic movie line over and over.

Notre Dame’s fan base has become Dean Wormer and Director Jack Swarbrick has become Robert Hoover. ND Nation wants their charter revoked while Jack Swarbrick can grant them one more semester.

These next 3 games are the final stand of the Weis’s tenure. The firing parade can be crashed with a convincing win over Pittsburgh. Weis’s staff is more than capable of pulling off a Delta Tal Ki and winning out with two ranked teams remaining.

Like the spirit of Delta, Weis knows he is capable of pulling this off. With Jimmy Clausen, Golden Tate, Michael Floyd, and excellent offensive play calling there is a fighting chance.

How could you count them out?

Will Golden Tate or Brian Smith deliver the famous John Blutoski speech? Or are Weis’s days finally numbered along with his sick coaching buddies?

We will know Saturday night.

It wasn’t over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor. It will be over if the Panthers bomb the Irish.

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