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While there are many power rankings out there based as much on hype, expectations, and too often, unrealized and inaccurate projections, at Football Reporters Online, we prefer to rank NFL teams on what’s actually happened, taking into account only how teams have performed on the field and who they’ve played. At F.R.O., you won’t find yet another power ranking that doesn’t tell you much. Instead, here are the F.R.O. NFL Performance Rankings:

Week 8:


#1  NEW ORLEANS [7-0]: The Saints latest win over Atlanta was their only one by single digits.

#2  INDIANAPOLIS [7-0]: Peyton has been terrific. The Colts have won 16 straight going back to last year.

#3  MINNESOTA [7-1]: Favre had 7 TD’s in a of sweep Green Bay, as the Vikes pull away in the NFC North.

#4  PITTSBURGH [5-2]: The Steelers rested last week with a 4-game win streak. Denver and Cincy are next.

#5  DENVER [6-1]: After a 6-0 start, the Broncos came crashing back to reality with a 30-7 loss in Baltimore.

#6  NEW ENGLAND [5-2]: four big games coming up, vs. Miami, at Indy, vs. the Jets, and at New Orleans.


#7  DALLAS [5-2]: The Cowboys looked rather ordinary the first five weeks, but suddenly very sharp the past two.

#8  PHILADELPHIA [5-2]: The Eagles put the beatdown on the Giants. They’ll get their shot against Dallas next.

#9  CINCINNATI [5-2]: The Bengals enjoyed a bye after crushing Chicago, but Baltimore and Pittsburgh are up next.

#10  NY GIANTS [5-3]: The Giants are suddenly reeling having done a 180 in three bad losses after a 5-0 start.

#11  HOUSTON [5-3]: After a slow start, Houston is starting show why they were a trendy pre-season playoff pick.

#12  BALTIMORE [4-3]: The Ravens won three, then lost three, but then crushed previously undefeated Denver.

#13  ATLANTA [4-3]: Four wins against mediocre competition, but three losses against top teams.

#14  GREEN BAY [4-3]: Favre and his new teammates have hurt the Pack. The wild-card could be their only option.


#15  SAN DIEGO [4-3] : The Chargers were up and down, but have won two straight to climb over .500.

#16  ARIZONA [4-3]: The Cardinals have been inconsistent, sometimes looking great, other times, underachieving.

#17  NY JETS [4-4]: The Jets started 3-0 but have gone 1-4 since, finding seemingly a new way to lose each week.

#18  CHICAGO [4-3]: Other than beating up on SEA, DET and CLE, the Bears have gone 1-3 against better teams.

#19  CAROLINA [3-4]: The Panthers have turned it around, going 3-1 after an 0-3 start. 

#20  SAN FRANCISCO [3-4]: The Niners are the opposite. After a 3-1 start, they’re reeling with three straight losses.

#21  MIAMI [3-4]: The Dolphins might ask the NFL to play the Jets more. They’re 2-0 against them, 1-4 otherwise.

#22  JACKSONVILLE [3-4]: Depending on the week, the Jags have surprised and played well, or just not shown up.

#23  BUFFALO [3-5]: T.O. is starting to get frustrated with an offense which can’t score. Anyone need a WR?


#24  SEATTLE [2-5]: As in every year, Seattle has been okay at home, and simply non-competitive on the road.

#25  WASHINGTON [2-5]: The Skins have yet to score over 17 points, and wins are by 5 total pts against STL and TB.

#26  OAKLAND [2-6]: Somehow, they the Raiders beat the Eagles, but they’re still bad and the offense is atrocious.

#27  TENNESSEE [1-6]: The Titans get a win, payback for their 20-point loss earlier, in Jacksonville.

#28  KANSAS CITY [1-6]: With Jacksonville and Oakland coming up, the Chiefs have two good chances for a road win.

#29  ST.LOUS [1-7] : It was against the lowly Lions, but it still counts, and the Rams finally get a win.

#30  CLEVELAND [1-7]: The GM fired, fans organizing a protest. Things are just a complete mess in Cleveland now.

#31  DETROIT [1-6]: How bad are the Lions right now? They’re 10-point under dogs going to 2-5 Seattle.

#32  TAMPA BAY [0-7]: The rest of the schedule is fairly tough. The Bucs don’t have a lot of chances left for a ‘W.’

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