Frankie’s Fantasy Favorite Five

In every one of my leagues my starting QB is in his bye week. And in every league I am picking up Detroit QB Matt Stafford and hoping that he and WR Calvin Johnson both start. The Lions have had two weeks to prepare for there week 8 opponent the St. Louis Rams. Except for the Washington game, the Rams have been blown out every week. Now if Stafford doesn’t play Culpepper could carry the load also. Other waiver wire QBs with decent match ups this week are M. Bulgar at those same Lions, V. Young at home against the Jaguars, and R. Fitzpatrick at home in a shoot out or blow out with Houston.

Coming completely out of left field, I will promote Tennessee Titans RB LenDale White. Surprised? Look at these scenarios that home come together for White this week. The Titans are at home after two weeks preparing for an opponent, after they were embarrassed by a pitiful performance in a blow out loss. Additionally, they are winless against an opponent they usually dominate, who beat them handily earlier this season. Lastly the Titans are starting a new QB this week and they should be leaning even heavier on the running game. As another alternative both Raiders backs could show up as long as the rest of the team can keep it close.

Devin Hester of the Chicago Bears is my WR this week.  For some teams he may be an every week start but for some he is not. Hester is at home against a Cleveland Browns defense that is struggling on all levels. Hester participates on all those levels at least some in every game. Whether it be with a reception, a run, a wildcat pass, or even a return I have a feeling Hester will score at least one touchdown.  The other WR I want to throw out there was almost my main guy this wee but I could not bring myself to do it, Terrell Owens.  Owens has been a secondary option since Fitzpatrick took over for Edwards, but I got a feeling he shows up in a big way this weekend.

Since I’m going on instinct as much as, if not more than, stats this week I’ll throw Dustin Keller’s name into the mix.  Keller started hot, but has dropped off almost completely these last few games.  This weekend Keller’s NY Jets will play a Miami Dolphins team that they have already faced once this season in a tight game. The Dolphins run a ¾ defensive front. As I have stated before most ¾ teams can be hurt by tight ends down the middle of the field.  For my second TE option I leave you with GB’s Donald Lee, If he doesn’t have to sit back and help pass protect, he could be effective.

I will go back to the Detroit Lions and St. Louis Rams game to get my Defense for this week.  One of these two defenses should have a nice game, and because of the extra week of prep time I’ll go with the Lions.  St. Louis’s O-line has struggled, their WRs are consistently hurt, and their QB seems to end up that way. Jim Swartz would like to use this game to give a glimpse into how his defense of the future will play.  The Jaguars Titans game is another game where one of the defenses will show up, I’m picking the Titans but who knows.

Last Weeks Favorite Five

Matt Cassel – 1 TD 97 yards and 3 INTs, Not what I expected

Donald Brown – Injured, but his replacement scored.

Sam Aiken – 1 TD 66 yards, I love it when a plan comes together!

Heath Miller – 38 yards, Sorry.

Indianapolis Colts – 1 TD, 3 Sacks and 2 INTS, also only give up 6 points. Not bad.

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