Fantasy Fixx – Week 6

Once again if you are hoping to set a winning lineup for the coming weekend, you’re going to need the recipe for success. And like all good recipes, you need some tasty ingredients that will make your mouth water.

Not sure if this guy is for real or if that guy can do it again, then dig a little deeper and take a look at the numbers; numbers don’t lie. With week six approaching fast, there’s no time to stumble, take aim because you’ve targeted the right place and we’ve got your fix.

Who’s worried….

Put him in a new uniform and in a new city and the old Braylon Edwards returns making one exciting grab after the other. Monday night was a trip down memory lane for some and a reminder of what Edwards is capable of doing when he gets the opportunity. It looks like the change of scenery is working well for Braylon who finished Monday’s game with five catches, but most notable were the 11 total passes thrown his direction. His total numbers in week five didn’t set any houses on fire, but it looks like this Edwards and “Kid Sensation” could just be getting started.

It took one question about the chemistry between he and his quarterback to spark the Bronco’s second year receiver Eddie Royal. Last week when asked, Orton responded that there were no issues, that he and Royal had a great mix; 15 passes and 10 receptions later and I would say he was right.

It certainly appears that Wes Welker is back or at least Tom Brady seems to think so. Welker has been slowed with a knee injury this season, but that has not stopped his quarterback from calling his number. In Welker’s last two games he’s only total 134 yards receiving with 14 catches, but the truth is Brady has looked his way 26 times. At some point Welker will start putting up his normal numbers, and as long as he’s healthy enough to go, expect to see Brady look his way.

Keep your Eye on these gems…

Last week the rookie in Philly, Jeremy Maclin blew up for big yards and two scores. On the afternoon, McNabb pulled the trigger on his newest weapon eight times and the two connected twice for long strikes; a 51 yard touchdown pass and a 40 yard touchdown pass. Over the past two games Maclin has been targeted just 15 times, but after Sunday’s showcase you can bet that number will rise.

In Denver with so many weapons in the passing game there hardly seems to be any chance for any other receivers not named Marshall or Royal. Well that doesn’t appear to be the case for wide receiver Jabar Gaffney. He’s not been the most productive option in Denver, but he has no fewer that four targets in a single game this season and eight last Sunday were the most. With the offense seeming to be heating up (48 pass attempts last week), Gaffney could become more relevant than what most thought.

Here is the breakdown for fantasy pass catchers (targets) this season;

Through five weeks:

Top-30 Targeted Pass-catchers

Player                                               Targt

Johnson, Andre WR HOU              52

Burleson, Nate WR SEA                 49

Smith, Steve WR NYG                    49

Moss, Randy WR NE                       48

Wayne, Reggie WR IND                 48

Ochocinco, Chad WR CIN              46

Houshmandzadeh, T.J. WR SEA    45

Clark, Dallas TE IND                       42

Smith, Steve WR CAR                    42

Winslow, Kellen TE TB                             42

Holmes, Santonio WR PIT             41

Johnson, Calvin WR DET               41

Welker, Wes WR NE                       41

Ward, Hines WR PIT                      40

Davis, Vernon TE SF                       39

Holt, Torry WR JAC                       39

Daniels, Owen TE HOU                  38

Boldin, Anquan WR ARI                 37

Gage, Justin WR TEN                     37

Marshall, Brandon WR DEN          37

Royal, Eddie WR DEN                     37

Washington, Nate WR TEN           37

Clayton, Mark WR BAL                  36

Cotchery, Jerricho WR NYJ           36

White, Roddy WR ATL                             36

Carlson, John TE SEA                     35

Fitzgerald, Larry WR ARI               35

Gates, Antonio TE SD                     35

Manningham, Mario WR NYG       35

Moss, Santana WR WAS                35

Muhammad, Muhsin WR CAR      35

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