Fantasy Favorite Five

Jacksonville Jaguar’s Quarterback David Garrard looked great Sunday against the Tennessee Titans this past weekend. Hopefully that momentum will carry across country to Seattle where he will face a depleted Seahawk’s secondary. Seattle has been terrible at stopping the run so they should concentrate on holding Maurice Jones-Drew in check.  If they do focus on MJD that should open up downfield for the other hyphenated rising star WR Mike Sims-Walker, and it seems that once Jacksonville abandons the run, they tend to forget to go back to it. In case you forget, whichever Philly QB starts this weekend against Tampa Bay should be in your line up.

The New York Giants RBs have a dream scenario this weekend.  First they are playing the lowly Oakland Raiders who can’t stop a running back. Second, their star QB Eli Manning is hurt for a game that they should be able to win without him. Needless to say start Brandon Jacobs this weekend. Since I don’t give the easy choices here, let’s go deeper, as in Ahmad Bradshaw and deeper still, Gartrell Johnson. Only one of these two backs will be playable so watch the injury report, If Bradshaw plays, then he is your man. If he doesn’t, and you need a flex player or are in dire need of a RB, pick up Johnson as a long shot that could pan out. Also, if you have Mendenhall, get him in against Detroit, and Julius Jones is home against the Jags, get him in.

Up to this point Dwayne Bowe of the Kansas City Chiefs hasn’t had the all-star season that he was projected to have. Neither was Denver’s Brandon Marshall until he ran into Bowe’s next opponent, the Dallas Cowboys. Dallas’s defense has been shamed by the likes of Byron Leftwich and Kyle Orton. In fact every QB facing the Cowboys is putting up over 200 yards and at least one td. Chiefs QB Matt Cassel should be able to keep up the trend. Although Cassel has favored new addition Bobby Wade in the Red Zone, Bowe matches up perfectly with Dallas’s smaller CB, not to mention they have a starting safety out in this game. As a side note, keep an eye on Cleveland’s Mohamed Massaquoi, with Braylon Edwards out of town Massaquoi should continue as Derek Anderson’s favorite target.

TE was difficult this week, but I want to test a new theory. Most ¾ defenses struggle to cover TEs. I looked at the New England Denver Match up, but neither team has a true starting TE. Then I looked at Dustin Keller in Miami, I liked the talent but Miami does seem to cover TEs. Tony Gonzalez against the 49ers? Who isn’t starting him? Unfortunately I settled on Brandon Pettigrew of the Detroit Lions who should be playing catch up with the Pittsburg Steelers.  The Steelers have given up yards and scores to tight ends this season and the Lions should be passing plenty. If Matt Stafford toughs it out and play I love this match up, but Culpepper is a wildcard. Back up QBs, like Culpepper, tend to favor the number three WR, which could be Dennis Northcutt or even Derrick Williams. I’ll take my chances.  By the way, Owners should play Keller if they can.

Defense might have been harder than TE this week. All the Poor teams (St. Louis, Oakland, and Tampa Bay) are playing Defenses that you would start anyway (Minnesota, NY Giants, and Philly). That left me choosing between Dallas at KC, Buffalo versus Cleveland, and Washington at Carolina. Washington and Buffalo have both let me down in the past, so let’s give the Dallas Cowboys a shot. The secondary scares me, but hopefully, KC’s offensive line allows the Cowboys outside rushers to finally pressure a QB into some mistakes. Washington could also show up If Delhomme hasn’t improved.

Last Weeks Favorite Five

Carson Palmer – 2 Tds, That’ll work

Darren McFadden – Injured after a terrible start, sorry.

Devin Hester – Injured early in the game, sorry.

Zach Miller – Injured, are you serious, did I jinx these three or something?  I guess Palmer lucked out.

Buffalo Bills – 6 Sacks is pretty good, too bad they couldn’t recover one of those fumbles.

Fantasy Tips:

Do not play Seattle Running Back Julius Jones when his team is on the road!

Backup QBs favor the third receiver, who was probably the starting receiver on the second team.

3-4 defenses struggle against TEs, so do Houston and Minnesota.

By Frankie Underwood, Senior Fantasy Writer at Email questions and comments to [email protected]

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