52-14 Victory For Stony Brook

Stony Brook, NY – An hour early was not enough time to get a spot in the main lot. The tail- gating party, which I have yet to see the beginning of, and can only be described as classic, had taken over all surrounding areas of LaValle Stadium. No one could ever hold issue with such a display, only I found the majority of the folks still in the lot as half time approached. Show your support in anyway you want, I suppose, but these parking lot heroes had no intention of coming into the game at all; and they missed quite the show!  The stadium was quite full, but  still could have sat all those who decided not to stand next to their BBQ’s.

It was just like any other weekend inside Stony Brook Long Island’s LaValle Stadium with pre-game militant chants ending home and away team warm ups, breaking way into drums, dancing, field displays of color, movement, and sound, finally melting into Stony Brook’s Alma Mater, Sandy Shore. Yet, It gave the fans more than something to see.

A well balanced first half with both teams playing each other equally may have left some wondering what took place during half time, as Stony Brook came out and scored 29 unanswered points.

Putting their best feet forward for The Blue Hose were Trandon Dendy, who scored both team touchdowns on the day, and Brandon Miley who threw for 146 yards and a touchdown. However it would not be nearly enough.

As soon as the homecoming king and queen were announced, the half naked potato sack races were over and half time ended, It was all season highs and highlight clips for the Seawolves. Runningback Edwin Gowin’s stiff arm could’ve put a hole in a dump-truck and aided him in rushing for a season-high 139 yards and a TD. Sophomore kicker Wes Skiffington tallied 4 field goals, a single game record for the program.

On other side of the ball the Seawolves’  defense was just as strong. Starting off the second half with an interception, three consecutive fumbles, and then another three interceptions, leaving The Hose with 7 failed drives, and no more points on the board.

Coach Priore said during the post game press conference, “It’s not easy to a take a team on the road to a hostile environment.”   He learned that last weekend at UMass.;  and I do believe that If Blue Hose head coach Harold Nichols didn’t know that on the way in to LaValle stadium today, he surely knew it on the way out.

Both teams will be better prepared for next week’s away games as Stony Brook travels to Grand Forks North Dakota and Presbyterian travels to Norfolk Virginia to face Old Dominion. Best of luck to both teams.

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