Is It June or September? The latest on NFL QB’s Merry-Go-Round-Plus Plaxico Burress (again)

The N.Y. Jets latest wunderkid, QB Mark Sanchez finally got his deal done this week. It’s worth 50 Million over five years, and with incentives could push 60 million. 28 Million of it is guaranteed  money. I guess Woody Johnson will be able to sell off the rest of those PSL’s now. Rex Ryan can talk all the smack he wants, but he still will have to make the Jets running backss happy (Shonn Greene still needs to be signed, as well as Jones and Washington deserving new deals), because they will take the pressure off whomever the starting quarterback is. Don’t just think Kellen Clemens will just roll over and play dead.

A lot of Jets players think it’s a great idea for the team to go after ex-Giant  receiver Plaxico Burress. Newsflash: He’s going to be in jail for at least a few months if not more. He turned down a plea deal that would have limited his jail time to 60 days, plus 1,500 hours of community service. But Plax balked at the idea because it seems he is deathly afraid of serving time on Rikers Island. Sorry Plax, they don’t put player’s numbers on the back of correctional facility jumpsuits. The Jets players (and fans!) have yet to factor into the equation that Mr. Goodell will also suspend him for play as well. Just ask Mike Vick, because he’ll be playing in the UFL this year. Plax is due in court this coming Monday.

Down I-95, it looks like the Eagles finally have shown Donovan McNabb some love, but only so much. Reports are that he has a $ 5.3 million raise, but no extension past 2010. This is surely because of a lack of a new CBA between the players and the NFL. You can be sure no veteran players will earn long extensions  until the new deal is in place. Translation: Donovan, you have two seasons to win or find somewhere else to whine about losing.

Out in Minnesota, the Brett Farve waiting game continues. Did coach Brad Childress give Farve a deadline or not? Does it matter? If The “Farvelous” one wants to play, he will. His agent Bus Cook says “Brett is at a different level than most.” Which level is that? The level that he’s finally realized he should hang it up for good this time? Or the level that says ” I could still make a few dollars and be competitive for at least a few games.” Earth to Brett, come in Brett: please stop trying to embarrass yourself. We know you were one of the greatest ever to play the game. The sooner you retire the sooner you get the gold jacket and the bust in Canton.

REX GROSSMAN sighting!! Rex has been spotted in Houston Texas, where it is reported that he will compete for the third string QB job against Alex Brink, and behind Matt Schaub and Dan Orlovsky. Now you know why half the population of Houston roots for Dallas instead.

In Denver, head coach Josh McDaniels has named quarterback Kyle Orton the starter during the teams’ mini-camp. I had looked like it would be between Orton  and Chris Simms as to who would get the nod for the 2009 season. Orton was part of the Jay Cutler deal with the Bears.

Finally, we have reports that former all pro QB Trent Green retired late this week after 15 seasons. When interviewed by Green said, “I feel this is finally the right time, I’ve talked about it with (the family) for a while, especially with the concussions over the last few years. We all felt it was the time to do it.”  Green returned to the St. Louis area where he was raised for the 2008 season. He also played for the Chargers, Redskins, Dolphins, and Chiefs over his career.

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