Does JCO need to G-O go?

Calls for Juan Carlos Osorio’s head are nothing new. They grew vociferous after the New York Red Bulls’ 2008 regular season finale, a pathetic performance that for all intents and purposes should have ended the team’s season without a trip to the playoffs (but didn’t when it was afforded a back door entry via the Western Conference bracket). They have picked up again with the team’s slow start this season, quieting briefly after the Red Bulls’ victory over San Jose earlier this month.

Now comes word from the Washington Post, a normally reliable source, that Red Bulls brass are losing patience with the man they hired to replace Bruce Arena ahead of the 2008 season. It’s hard to blame them, frankly. Last year’s postseason run aside, the team has mainly played bland, boring, defensive-minded soccer with a rotating cast of mainly high-priced Latin American players brought in by Osorio himself. But does this mean Osorio should lose his job? That, we think is a bigger question and one which we now solicit opinions for. So vote in the poll and support your view in the comments field below.

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