Nets Running Out of Time, Sean Williams the Answer?

Even though the cast is a bit different this season for the New Jersey Nets, things are beginning to look awfully familiar.

On the outside of the playoff picture looking in, the Nets understand they are running out of time and have to step up their game. Otherwise the only way they’ll make the playoffs is on NBA Live 2009.

“It’s money time,” Carter told the Associated Press this week. “This is when teams make the playoff push, or are fighting for position or homecourt advantage or whatever the case may be. This is my time to step up.”

Averaging over 20 points all season, both Carter and Devin Harris have held down the New Jersey fort all season.

Harris especially has been on his game, scoring 42 points against the Bulls on Wednesday.

“Now is the time,” Harris told the AP after the game. “We really can’t wait anymore. We can’t be patient. I’d rather be aggressive than passive. Being more aggressive on offense is what I’m trying to do right now.”

However in spite of both Carter and Harris, the Nets are in need of another player, anyone at this point, that can be dependable and produce on offense.

While Brook Lopez has the makings of that player one day, the Nets need more from someone else. 12 points and eight rebounds is damn solid from a rookie center and the Nets need something more from the power forward spot, especially if they are going to make the playoffs this season.

With Ryan Anderson and Yi Jianlian battling inconsistency all season, could Sean Williams be the player the Nets need right now?

Six points and four rebounds in 17 minutes may not be much, but Williams did provide a spark the other night, something Jianlian hasn’t been able to do much of the season aside from a handful of games before his injury.

“You’re looking for energy. And that’s one of Sean’s traits. If he’s consistent with it, then his minutes will be consistent,” coach Lawrence Frank told the Associated Press, stressing Williams, in order to play, must show “high energy level, running the floor, crashing both boards, defensively being a presence around the rim, performing your role with maximum enthusiasm, focus, concentration.”

Anyway the cookie crumbles, things will be interesting the rest of the season in New Jersey.

Photo by Bill Menzel.

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