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  • Given that he's still out there I can't imagine a big money deal heading his way....


    • Done deal.

      1 year $7.5 mil

      (on edit)

      Actually, make it a 5 mil deal (included 3.5 mil as signing bonus) with 1.5 mil in reachable playing incentives and another 1 mil in unlikely incentives (Pro Bowl and All Pro selections).

      Good deal for the Giants. Ryan also gets some insurance as if the season is cancelled at any point signing bonus doesn't get pro-rated or given back.
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      • Little high IMO but I guess it really doesn't matter in the long run.


        • Some surprising cuts in Coleman and Connelly.

          I don't think Connelly fit into the versatility mantra they keep talking about on defense. Judge claims he was healthy but from what I've read he really wasn't practicing much with coming back from his ACL. Points to that they might have liked Mayo better and he'll only be on IR for a short period. I guess they also didn't want to expose the rookie LB's (Brunson, Crowder, Brown or Coughlin) in an effort to get them to the practice squad.

          Heard conflicting reports about Coleman. Judge commented that they want a faster WR but some reporters at camp claimed Coleman looked pretty fast.

          I would have liked to keep Connelly but I don't think either of these guys are difference makers.

          Halapio also decided against joining the practice squad. Not a big loss there. I think he was over-rated by Giants management in what he brought to the team. If he knew the offense he's be a small upgrade over Pulley as the backup to Gates but I heard they're also really excited about Tyler Haycraft who was a UDFA OT from Louisville and learning to play center.


          • Pio sucks. I actually think pulley was straight up better than him and pulley sucks too.

            Connelly I don't get... You can't convince me he's not better than at least one of 1000 lbers they kept. Agreed it's probably versatility related but that's a special teams statement in this case

            Coleman I'm lost on as well. No idea how Board makes the team over him. Especially considering how good Coleman is on special teams.

            Stunned Penny makes the team. He's not very good and the giant never use FB anyways


            • I normally don't do game by game predictions but I figured I'd give it a try. No preseason games and a rookie HC is not going to go well. Offense could score points if Oline works out but the D still has too many holes with no pass rush and quality CB depth. Hope I'm wrong but I see 3 wins (Thanks Wash), 3 winnable games, and 10 outright losses. I'll say they win 1 of the 3 winnable games and end up 4-12 but they show signs they could make a leap next year with some defensive help.

              vs Steelers - Loss
              at Bears - Winnable but away game so another Loss
              vs 49ers - Loss
              at Rams - West coast game - Loss
              at Dallas - Loss
              vs Washington - Win
              at Eagles - Loss
              vs Tampa - Loss
              at Washington - Win
              vs Eagles - Loss
              at Bengals - Win
              at Seahawks - Loss
              vs Arizona - Loss (another winnable game)
              vs Cleveland - Loss
              at Ravens - Loss
              va Cowboys - Loss (Winnable if Dallas already locked up playoff spot and rests starters)


              • I think they get to 5 wins just because of those last 2 games on the schedule. There's really no reason to even play for home field this year. The Ravens and Dallas are likely to be sitting comfortable. I think they win both vs washington and I think the bears are terrible.

                I do actually believe this team will have a pass rush. Call me crazy but I believe in the development of Carter and Xman. Toss in Golden and Frack... With a big DLine that should be able to both push and eat up blockers and I think they've got a legit shot at not being bottom dwellers in the sack game.

                My concern on defense is again the secondary which has already been decimated. I had high hopes at safety and with Beal/Baker at CB. We're already on CB4 on the outside and haven't played a snap.

                Offense to me is all about health. It's not a deep unit. If they can't get full seasons from Shep, Engram, and Barkley they are hosed. If those guys are relatively injury free I like the matchups of Tate, Shep, Slayton, Engram, Barkley can all present. That's a good setup.

                It'll be interesting how the online holds but I really can't imagine Gates/Thomas being worse than what was out there last year. I think most of the guards issues were with crap centers and tackles around them. They will both have "rookie" moments... But both are bigger, stronger, and more athletic than the guys they are replacing.

                All that said if they don't lose by 2+ scores to the Steelers that'll be a win week one. It's a terrible matchup - Coaching staff that's been together forever, smart Vet QB, a beast of a front 7, and explosive WRs.... they pretty much line up to kill the Giants weak areas


                • I'm optimistic after that. Danny threw a horror pick and some how 5 defenders couldn't pick up a fumble and there was the difference. BUT Thomas looked good. I like the adjustments the offense made. Different looks.

                  This is the best defence they'll face until the last game of the season and they made it a game. Now go beat Chicago


                  • Agreed. Loved how they opened the game on offense and defense.

                    Offense came out in a hurry-up spread offense. I actually thought they needed to go more 5 wide with Barkley split out. Counter intuitive but I think it actually helped the O-line since they didn't have to deal with blitzers as much in that alignment. Looked a lot like what the Pat's try to do. Too bad they went away from it until later in the game.

                    I think Thomas actually played well vs Dupree when 1-on-1. Dupree seemed to dominate when they tried using a TE/RB to block him or a blitzer came.

                    Fleming is just keeping the RT warm for Peart. I can't see them going the whole year with Fleming with the way he played last night. I realize it was against Watt but as a veteran I was expecting a little more solid performance.

                    Jones showed both his growth as a QB with some really nice throws, some which were dropped, and also that he has a little Eli in him with that 2nd INT.

                    Might just be the way the Steelers prioritized stopping Barkley but Garrett needs to realize that this Oline isn't going to be able to move defenders like the Dallas Oline and they might need to do more zone blocking techniques. Surprised they didn't do more screens and swing passes to Barkley.

                    Peppers could be a ProBowl punt returner. The guy is electric when he has the ball. Makes you think he could be a better WR than S given his play making ability.

                    D played as well as could be expected. They got exposed on the secondary which was linked to the weak pass rush. Bradford and Martinez both played well. I liked the way Graham had guys standing/moving around to try and cause confusion. Pass rush will still be a huge issue with this team.

                    Judge didn't seem overwhelmed. Still early but he didn't do anything that was questionable.

                    Ultimately, even with the loss it was a positive first week though I didn't see enough to think the end record is going to be much better than 4-5 wins given their schedule.

                    (On Edit)

                    I still think Zeitler is over-rated and Hernandez hasn't lived up to to what everyone hoped for as a early 2nd rounder. 9 pressures between them week 1.
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                    • Fleming was really bad...not I expected a great performance from him, but that was pathetic. I'm still going to kill Getty for not getting a real center in the draft or FA because that EASILY should have been Gates out there instead.

                      Speaking of Gates...he struggled. Not unexpected, but again we have 2 solid guards and we get 0 push up the middle and I believe a TON of that is due to having subpar centers the last few years. Like we've seen stunts really cross them up there and to me thats the inexperience/lack of skill from the center position. I've been somewhat calm with panic over Gettleman...but this is 1 area where he has just really dropped the ball and its impacting this team's ability to run the ball - which impacts the development of the young guys on the line, Barkley, and Jones.

                      If this week is a repeat I gotta pull the plug, put Pulley in at center and slide Gates back to RT


                      • I think you'll see Peart at RT before you see Pulley at C and Gates moved back out there. They are not going to give up on this after 2 weeks, especially from what I read Gates got very little work at RT this training camp. Add in that Gates wasn't that great out there in his couple starts last year. Love his competitive nature but I don't think moving him and inserting Pulley is going to be a fix all.

                        I have to give Gates a pass on some of the issues other than the one time he got thrown to the ground. You have to hope he learns from it and gets better with more game reps.
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                        • Jekyll and Hyde game. Horrible 1st half and a good looking 2nd.

                          Defense continues to look better than expected.
                          Bradberry with a good game.
                          Engram seems to wake up out of hibernation in the 2nd half when they opened up the offense.
                          O-line seemed to play better in 2nd half. Hopefully, they figured things out.
                          Jones played well in 2nd half after a turnover prone 1st. Still leaves that ball out for pass rushers to swipe at.

                          Obviously, the Barkley injury is the biggest takeaway. Tough break for a star player. Not to harp on anything but this is the main reason you can't use a #2 pick, without ever shopping it around, on a RB.

                          Positive view on the Barkley injury is that after it settles in at the half about his injury the offense was much more dynamic and unpredictable with him off the field. Maybe it was game script with them down but spreading teams out has worked a lot better for the offense than trying to play power running. It's a lot easier to be dynamic if you're not forced to put the ball in one players hands 15-20 times a game. That works when you have an Oline like Dallas where you can force your will on a D.

                          Rumors have them bringing Devonte Freeman in for a look. Not someone that will save the season but a good back who catch passes out of the back field while being part of the committee with Gallman and Lewis.


                          • Yeah turnovers are really starting to get I said last year I didn't have an issue with his INTs - he had a 2:1 TD: INT ratio which is fine to me.... it was his fumbles. Well his INTs have gone up and TDs have gone down. He can't be a 2X turnover a game QB - thats what he was last year and that hasn't changed thus far this year.

                            It's early...they've played 2 really good defenses, but that's going to be the key to determining what his future is

                            I agree I think without Barkley you'll actually see some improved line play and a more methodical running attack. I think that could actually help this team in the long run


                            • Pathetic effort today....whats most alarming to me is this team each week has gotten worse...made more mistakes.... while the competition has gotten worse.... that's horribly alarming.


                              • Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields. Jones ain't it
                                My EntireTeam Sucks...