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    O-line and D are still pretty big issues.

    O-line - Need to upgrade LT and bounce Solder to RT next season since it's will be tough to get out of that contract at this point. Zeitler hasn't been as good as advertised and Halapio might have decent profootball focus numbers but he's at best average. Last play of the game Halapio started blocking and then seemed to just stop for some reason.

    D - still lacks play makers outside of Peppers and Golden. Issue with Golden is that he's be a nice keep if it wasn't for the fact that he's going to want a lot of money given the production he has this year. He'll be 29 next season so it's going to be a risky contract is you go 5 years at good money. Peppers has been a stud and is a building block player. They need play making LB's and more pass rush.

    At this point you see what you might be able to get in trade for some of these veterans and start playing more of the kids - Love, Beal, and Ballentine specifically to see what they can bring for 2021. On offense it's all about developing Jones.

    I will say that Shurmur's going to get 2020 to see what this team can develop into but I haven't been impressed with his play calling or overall management skills. The whole NFL knows that the refs are not going to change any PI calls unless it's blatant but he then goes on to challenge a borderline call today. I won't even get too deep into the clock management stuff at the end of the game which was horrible, especially the draw on 3rd and long when they were going to go for it on 4th.


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      Shurmur sucks. Sorry for a team with extra days to prepare against a team coming across the country playing in crap weather it's a disgrace the way they came out to start. That's 100% on the coach.

      Then toss in the play calling at the end of the game.... Yikes. This guy is garbage... It's the same thing week after week and ZERO adjustments. Speed rush ends own these tackles does he do ANYTHING to help against Jones?

      This is not the guy to train Jones. He's going to get him killed..... I kinda hope they finish top 5 pick again and fire this guy. It's worse than watching Mickey manage the Mets.


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        Seems Cleveland could be interested in Solder.

        I’m sure most of us are thinking seems like a no brainer if true given his play but the issues would be who would they put at LT - Gates? - and if he can keep Jones alive until 2020. Cap hit and compensation would be second.

        (On Edit) Add another team linked to Solder.

        some general managers I spoke to believe that the Patriots could end up re-acquiring Giants tackle Nate Solder


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          I am thoroughly enjoying the giant **** show in Cleveland. Hmmm who couldn't see that coming?
          My EntireTeam Sucks...


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            I think Collins is really enjoying his time in Washington too.


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              So I was thinking is this worse than the mid 90s Dave Brown years? Those teams were terrible but also painfully boring to watch. This team might technically be worse but I don't think they are boring. Anyway this is a complete sh()tfest.

              and lol people already giving up on Jones in the media. Yeah he needs to stop fumbling but the raw tools are def. there. Sue me I think he's going to wind up being pretty good


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                Originally posted by strummer View Post
                So I was thinking is this worse than the mid 90s Dave Brown years? Those teams were terrible but also painfully boring to watch. This team might technically be worse but I don't think they are boring. Anyway this is a complete sh()tfest.

                and lol people already giving up on Jones in the media. Yeah he needs to stop fumbling but the raw tools are def. there. Sue me I think he's going to wind up being pretty good
                Who’s giving up on Jones after not even half a season of starting?

                If anything he’s shown he has the ability to play at this level. Needs better ball security and needs to slide more and not take shots if/when he tries to block for a reverse. Add in that they upgrade (Ie fix) the tackle spots and his fumbles will drop.

                Defense still needs Experience and talent but getting a quality LT should be the primary focus this off season either in FA or the draft. Solder is average at best but he has the ability to move to RT if they need him to.

                With Jones and Barkley as the teams most important young players Gettleman needs to fix the online to help both players.
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                  There have been a bunch of "experts" online and tv already killing Jones. The Sal Licatas of the world. Like I said it's idiotic but it's out there already


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                    If he was throwing INTs left and right I'd be worried. He just needs to clean up fumbles. That can be taught a lot easier than correcting reading a defense or accuracy.

                    I'm just not sure we have the right coaching staff for it


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                      I'm not even mad. Shurmur/Bettcher closer to being fired and we might have a legit chance at Chase Young now.
                      My EntireTeam Sucks...


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                        Talk going around is that Mara was furious after the game. Earlier this year I didn’t think there would be any chance Shurmur wouldn’t return in 2020. Now I’ím not so sure and a loss to the Dolphins, Redskins, or both I think would seal his fate that he’íll be gone.

                        Gettleman is not going anywhere but it should be an offensive minded coach given Jones.

                        i will say that the more they lose the worse that Leonard Williams deal looks.


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                          Lots of speculation that Shurmur could give up play calling to Shula and that Bettcher could be made a scapegoat and be fired.

                          Shurmur was asked if changes to the coaching staff was in order and he said no. But, thatís something that could be forced from the top if needed.


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                            Shurmur needs to be gone by noon tomorrow
                            COME BY THE SCHOOL a year from now you"ll wish you started today

                            "they all think they’re geniuses who just happen to agree with each other. This creates a near total blindness to facts, data, and opinions that don’t line up with their worldview"

                            (Originally posted by Attorney General Barr)
                            "it also does not exonerate him"
                            Semper Fortis......De Oppresso Liber


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                              Originally posted by Jersey Shore View Post
                              Shurmur needs to be gone by noon tomorrow

                              Tho I'll also mention this...Barkley is escaping a lot of blame around town...he's been awful since his injury. Yeah he's likely playing hurt. Yeah this O-Line still sucks..BUT no excuse for his terrible blitz pickup (this is where they miss Eli directing traffic on blocking)....and if he's that hurt then get him off the field in a wasted year.

                              I'll also say - f Shurmur for not having some more creative ways to get him the ball in space when the running game is bottled up.

                              Re: Shurmur I'd rather fire him this year than wait ANOTHER year to confirm what we already know.....I know people are worried about Jones development but as a rookie you gotta figure they are keeping things fairly simple for his this year anyways so picking up a "new" system next year to me shouldn't be a major hold would be worse for him to be locked into this system for 2 whole years and then switch it out.

                              Gettleman - I'm fine riding him for 3 more years to see what happens with these draft picks. So have him pick his next coach and let those 2 be tied together. He's had pretty good drafts. He now does kinda look like a genius for trading OBJ and letting Collins walk. I too think the Williams deal was stupid...I still dont like the Lawrence pick and the moves needed to get Baker, but overall I think he's started to put talent on this team - he needs the coaches to develop it and its honestly going to take another 2-3 years to see what these guys become. He annoys you 1 second with seemingly boneheaded moves...but then he seems to make up for it with a couple of real good ones (Peppers has been awesome and Slayton is turning into a steal...let alone seemingly getting the right QB). So I'm fine going ride or die for the next coaching term with Dave


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                                No reason not to let him finish the year out before canning him. Who are you replacing him with in season, Bettcher? Thing with Shurmur that's starting to get on my nerves, outside of the play calling, is his responses to the media. He comes off as losing is no big deal and they'll try harder. The players might like him but that's not the way to be a leader. A leader is holding players accountable and not waiting 10 weeks before you decide to start making line-up changes.

                                Gettleman isn't going anywhere. Drafts have been good overall (some questionable picks but we're not the professionals) and he's done some good trades prior to the Williams one. If they sign him prior to FA it makes it a little better but it was still foolish to give up draft capital in a lost season. The team will also have a ton of money available. I don't expect him to pull a Reece and go crazy in FA but he will have around 63 mil available (prior to potentially cutting guys like Jenkins, Ogletree, Solder, Zeitler?) to spend without the cap increasing any along with a top 5 draft pick.