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    There was never going to be a fairy tail ending. Giants management ensured that with their gross incompetence going on almost a decade now. It is obvious to everyone this team isn't going anywhere and it's better off having the kid take his licks now. There was no reason to keep trotting out Eli out there and at least he can retire with a .500 lifetime record as a starter. He was a great Giant, but now it's Daniel Jones team.
    My EntireTeam Sucks...


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      Originally posted by OrangeNblueNmyVeins View Post
      There was never going to be a fairy tail ending. Giants management ensured that with their gross incompetence going on almost a decade now. It is obvious to everyone this team isn't going anywhere and it's better off having the kid take his licks now. There was no reason to keep trotting out Eli out there and at least he can retire with a .500 lifetime record as a starter. He was a great Giant, but now it's Daniel Jones team.
      That's why it should have ended this offseason..... I really want to like Gettleman because despite the "hog molly" nonsense, and his overall bravado attitude... I do think he knows what Giants football is supposed to be about - but I consider the whole Eli/Jones setup a complete failure on his end.


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        So anyone with any thoughts on Jones this week? Do they stand a chance in hell of winning? Do you think the offense will actually put up 20 points for once? Will the defense actually hold someone under 28?


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          Jones struggles this week which isn't a reach given most young QB's tend to struggle. Arian's already stated the defense will concentrate on stopping Barkley and make Jones beat them through the air which could open things up. I'm not sure if he'll be ready to lead the team just yet with the lack of quality WR's and seeing first team defenders running different schemes. There was a comment from Shula which implied they'll play conservative with him.

          Giants D will still struggle this week. This is where a struggling Winston looks like a NFL QB. He's going to put the ball in the air and I think we'll continue to see the young secondary struggle. OJ Howard could go from non-existent to 2012 Jason Witten re-incarnated this week.

          While I think they could win if things all into place I don't see it happening. They lose 28-17. Jones shows flashes but not nearly enough to pull this out. Looking at 0-3 going into week 4 against a Washington team who hasn't performed as bad as their record shows. Then with the Vikings and Pat's in week 5 and 6 this could turn into 0-6 pretty quickly.


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            Ugly game vs. a good defense - Jones was lucky not to have a few more picked. Didnt help that Gallman went down early thats for sure.... Our O-Line is still a mess. Solder is a flat out bust....he's not Flowers bad, but anyone with more than average pass rush skills can get around him with ease. If OT isn't #1 or #2 priority in the draft next year Dave will have some 'splainin to do

            This Pats game is likely to be brutal....but then they've got some winnable games coming up after with likely Barkley coming back... Cardinals and Jets....with the Lions and Cowboys being good test games. I think they can be competitive vs the Lions and the Cowboys will be a good measuring stick in terms of how far (or not) this team has really come since that week 1 opener. I'd expect to be 4-6 after that stretch and likely on the way to a 6 win season....


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              This season is all about getting Jones experience at this point. Tough D and a big disadvantage losing Gallman but he's showing that he can be a quality NFL QB. While he did have a couple questionable throws he also barely missed a long TD early to Sheperd and shows real good mobility.

              Don't even watch on Thursday. It's going to be a nightmare. I'll be surprised if the D doesn't give up 35 points vs the Pat's and that could just be in the first half. I'm more interested in how Jones looks vs that D. If he can put up 20 points I'd consider it a win.

              O-line is improved and we already knew Solder was an above average OT and nothing more. he got paid because of the need and he was the best available. I don't think anyone expected him to play at a pro bowl level given his career. He's also not going anywhere with $13 mil of dead money on the books in 2020. The guy on the line who hasn't played as well as I would have expected is Zeitler. He doesn't seem to be as good in protection as he was billed as but I could just be nit picking some.

              At best they might be 2-3 over the next 5. Arizona and Jets are the only real winable games IMO. No way they beat the Pat's or Dallas and the Lions will be a game they'll probably be 4-5 point dogs in at this point. After that stretch they'll be looking at week 15/16 for this next potential wins. Though i agree it's looking like a 6-10 season which given the amount of really bad teams in the league right now might not even be a top 7 pick.

              As to the draft it's real early to talk about priorities but some kind of pass rusher should be at the top of the list. I still expect them to move Tomlinson out of the starting lineup with Lawrence moving to the nose and adding a DE who can provide some pressure. Golden and Ximines both look like they can be decent pressure options but neither have the size to be DE's in a 3-4 base. Both are stand up rush LB's.


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                Thursday was going to be a tough game to begin with but it might be a virtual unwinnable now with the recent news that that Barkley is unlikely for Thursday. Shepard is out with another concussion which might take weeks for him to get past, now Engram is not expected to play with an MCL sprain, and Gallman shouldn't be out of concussion protocol by Thu. Guess we'll all see how good Jones can make the remaining guys to see if they can be competitive.


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                  Even if he felt fine I still wouldn't play Barkley Thursday. What's the point? There's 0 chance of victory and why take the risk when he could get an extra 10 days of rest on it and make sure. I'm honestly just hoping Bill's seemingly endless respect to the Giants organization keeps them from killing Jones..... he's taken a bunch of big hits already in 3 games.


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                    is there anyway they don't lose by at least 30 tonight? I mean basically the whole offense is injured and they wouldn't have won anyway if they were healthy


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                      Tanney released. Practice squad RB (Walters) promoted for tonight’s game. I’d be surprised if Tanney doesn’t get resigned tomorrow.


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                        Only a couple thoughts from last night.

                        1. No one thought they had a chance to win, especially have it still close into the 4th quarter with 3 INT's and a blocked punt. Stupar is a waste. It's unfathomable for him to be pushed back so far into the kicker. He's supposed to be a special teams ace who's mainly on the team because of his ST play and injuries.

                        2. D played really well outside of a couple really horrible penalties. Against a top team like the Pat's those drive enabling penalties are a killer. The Ogeltree hold and Jenkins holds were bad penalties late in the game, especially Jenkins since it was a 4th down.

                        3. I loved what the D line eventually morphed into. After the beginning of the game they seemed to have 2 sets of 3 players rotating. DT's with Lawrence, Tomlinson, and Hill and the 3 pass rushing LB's in Carter, Golden and Ximines. I like Tomlinson as a rotational guy, not a starter, since having him out there with the other 2 DT's doesn't help at all with the pass rush. This also gets more athletes on the field to make plays.

                        4. Defense is still not great but if they can keep the intensity they had last night the rest of the season they'll have something to start building. Peppers looks comfortable the last couple of weeks and is making a ton of plays. He's also not getting exposed in coverage as much as earlier in the season. I would still like to see Love start getting some playing time at slot and FS to get him experience.

                        5. Lastly, Jones looks good. Stats aren't great outside of the Tate TD. He's still a rookie and he's going to throw INT's. First 2 were good plays from the D. Last one was a gimme for Gilmore. But, he threw accurate and the Pat's made a lot of good coverage plays. The lack of weapons showed in that the Pat's didn't have to worry about the run game or the 3rd and 4th WR's. It was cover Tate and Slayton and take their chances with everyone else. Slayton looks like he has talent but he needs to fight for the ball a little more on some of the defended passes.

                        Overall, score turned out similar to what we all expected but the play of the team was much better. It looks like the team might not have a good record but is showing that it's a team on the rise. Having a capable QB can make a huge difference where they could be 1-2 years away from being a legit playoff team.


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                          Peppers > Collins - at least the Collins from every season but 2016 and honestly the Peppers of the last few weeks might even give that Collins a run..... Golden has been a beast this season too...very impressed.

                          Score not at all a reflection of the game they played. Just short waaaay too many weapons on O to have any chance. I think that could have been a very interesting game with a healthy Barkley/Shep/Engram.

                          Comes down to if they can take what they've started to build these last few weeks and now apply it against competition that's remotely in their ballpark talent wise. Go beat the Cards.... Go hang with the Lions (who could be undefeated, but who also could easily have 0 wins) every games been basically a FG with them. Go beat the Jets. Show that the gap has closed from week 1 with the Cowboys. I see no reason to not at least split the next 4 assuming most of these guys are coming back.


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                            Pretty crazy, but a win vs. the Cards this week and the Giants are right in the mix in the east given that 1 of Dallas/Philly loses next week and would also be 3-4. Not that I expect this team to compete this year, BUT I do think its very important for them win this Cards game and keep themselves in the discussion for the next 3-4 weeks at a min. That Cowboys game following the Lions *SHOULD* have some meaning.

                            It ultimately doesn't mean anything this season, but it SHOULD mean something to this ownership/GM that Pat Shurmur can keep this team moving forward. Rolling into the Cowboys at 2-6 would be underachieving IMO


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                              Beal designated for return. He can start practicing this week and play week 9 vs the Cowboys.

                              Curious if this could open the door for a Jenkins trade. Team probably wouldn't get much but we could always hold out hope for a 5th round pick.

                              Per Shurmur, I don't think you can use the teams record as a judgement to how the season has gone. He'll be ultimately judged by how Jones, and the other young players, develop over the rest of the season. I don't think there's any chance Shurmur doesn't come back next year regardless of the teams record.


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                                And an absolute embarrassment against Arizona. They were terrible in every facet of the game. And once again the season is over before Halloween. And they barely had one before today