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    Some interesting battles....

    QB (3) - Normally I'm of the belief that during the Eli years the Giants should have only been keeping 2 QBs. This year I might bend and say 3 - Manning, Jones, Lauletta. Tanney needs to go. Adds nothing. Why keep Lauletta? Eli isn't here next year, groom Lauletta as Jones backup

    RB (4) - I believe Hillman is PS fodder. So you've got Smith / Perkins / Gallman / Penny. Smith has been a little banged up so health plays a question here, but to me, he's my first choice. I think Penny is kind of a waste, but Shurms seems to love him so he's a lock. So given all that I think I'd go with Perkins over Gallman. Perkins can change pace and is more explosive - not sure what Gallman gives that isn't covered by Smith/Penny.

    WR (6) - Shepard and Tate are locks. I still like Latimer. I think Alonzo Russell has earned a spot with his hustle. I'd personally go with Reggie White JR (big target) and Russel Sheppard (known special teamer) as I think TJ Jones, Fowler, are the same. Darious Slayton is the wild card here...he's got a ton of talent, but his hamstring injuries are killing him. I dont want to risk losing him as I actually think he's the 3rd best receiver on this team now, but not sure he's going to be able to go week 1

    TE (4) - Engram, Conrad, Ellison, Dickerson. Only way I see Simonson on the roster is if one of the above is hurt.

    OL (9) - Solder, Hernandez, Halapio, Zeitler, Remmers start. Right now I think Slade, Gates, and Pulley are there. Leaves 1 spot for Brown, Wheeler, O'Hagan. I think Big George goes to PS. I'm pretty sure Wheeler is done. I'd go Brown

    DL (6) - Tomlison, Hill, Lawrence, McIntosh, Pierre, Slayton...I know there's been some talk about Jenkins...meh I think Pierre/Slayton have more upside

    Edge (4) - Carter, XMan, Golden - It's Moss vs. Martin. Martin has been more productive when the games actually count. I could see this being a spot we we actually go with a cut

    LB (4) - Ogletree, Davis, Connelly seem like locks. I think this Tauaefa kid has played his way on. I think Goodson is out and Stupar is terrible.

    CB (5) - Jenkins, Baker, Haley, Ballentine - Can Beal play? If so he makes it. If not, they might just run with 4 considering Love is a hybird or grab another cut. The rest of this group has sucked IMO

    S (5) - Peppers, Bethea, Love, Chandler, Thomas...Chandler probably a bubble guy, but I like him

    Kicker, LS, P (3) - Rosas, DeOssie, Dixson

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    Still real early with the 4 pm deadline but so far the notable 'non-official' cuts.

    TJ Jones
    Evan Brown - a little surprised but might be looking to sneak him to the PS

    Also clearing out backup LB's - Avery Moss, Carlock, Fede, Alfieri, and Tauaefa all gone. Not really a shock but I could see Tauaefa and Carlock on the PS.

    Glazer also reporting Clowney to the Seahawks. Multiple players involved.


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      Laluetta cut. Talk of the Vikings backup being cut and Shurmur being interested. Laluetta could also make the PS if he makes it through waivers.

      Rod Smith to IR so Perkins and Gallman might both make team unless they grab a waivers guy.

      Surprise cut is Conrad. My guess is they're looking to steal a roster spot with keeping only 3 TE's. I don't think he'll pass through waivers but obvious PS guy if he did.

      Other names released so far who had chances to make the team.


      DT Chris Slaton

      Scott Simonson to IR. Makes Conrad move even more perplexing. Guess Dickerson is the 3rd TE.

      Wheeler waives/injury.


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        Final 53 as of right now. Tanney seems like a wasted spot but Shurmur seems to love the guy. Beal could go to IR with the return designation. Glad to see Russell make it after his camp. Mihalik is a head scratcher as is Stupar. I assume Stupar made it based on special teams since he was bad this spring in games. Nice to see they found room for Chandler.

        They have some guys guys they could swap out with Waived guys from other teams.

        QB (3): Eli Manning, Daniel Jones (R), Alex Tanney

        RB (4): Saquon Barkley, Wayne Gallman, Jr., Paul Perkins, Eli Penny

        WR: (6): Sterling Shepard, Bennie Fowler III, Russell Shepard, Cody Latimer, Darius Slayton (R), Alonzo Russell

        TE (3): Evan Engram, Rhett Ellison, Garrett Dickerson

        C/G (4): Will Hernandez, Kevin Zeitler, Jon Halapio, Spencer Pulley

        T (5): Nate Solder, Mike Remmers, Nick Gates, Chad Slade, Brian Mihalik

        Defense (25)

        DL (5): Dalvin Tomlinson, B.J. Hill, Dexter Lawrence II (R), Olsen Pierre, RJ McIntosh

        OLB (4): Kareem Martin, Lorenzo Carter, Markus Golden, Oshane Ximines (R)

        ILB (5): Alec Ogletree, Tae Davis, Ryan Connelly (R), B.J. Goodson, Nate Stupar

        DB (11) Janoris Jenkins, DeAndre Baker (R), Jabrill Peppers, Antoine Bethea, Grant Haley, Antonio Hamilton, Michael Thomas, Julian Love (R), Corey Ballentine (R), Sean Chandler, Sam Beal

        Special Teams (3)

        K: Aldrick Rosas

        P: Riley Dixon

        S: Zak DeOssie


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          Conrad impressed early then disappeared i bet he's PS bound. The whole Tanney/Lauletta debate is the only thing that irks me today. Tanney is a zero. If he's good at teaching then hire him as a damn coach. If you're going to go 3 QB keep the one that even has a slight chance of being a future backup to Jones. Once you decide to move on from Lauletta Tanney should have been the next call. Keep that roster spot for depth somewhere else.

          Giants are definitely going to pick up some guys on waivers. There's real talent there and they have the 6th spot. That's where Stupar, Goodson etc get dumped. This 53 is not final. I'd like to see them grab either RB Adams from Philly or Perine from Washington then dump Perkins.
          My EntireTeam Sucks...


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            Yeah Tanney is annoying.... I'm almost always in favor of just going with two QBs to begin with anyways tho

            Very surprised they are only going with 3 TE. Gotta think there's a claim there.

            Tons of decent LB upgrades available so I'd be surprised if they didn't swap out for those


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              Lauletta signs with Philly PS.

              Giants claim WR Cody Core and OT Eric Smith. Unfortunately, they waived Alonso Russell in the moves. I'm not sure who was waived for Smith but I'd assume it was Mihalik.

              (on edit) - Mihalik waived

              First signings to practice squad.

              DL Freedom Akinmoladun
              WR Reggie White Jr.
              C/G Evan Brown
              LB Josiah Tauaefa
              CB Corn Elder
              RB Jon Hilliman
              DE/LB Jake Carloc
              TE Conrad

              Nice to see Conrad pass through waivers and get to the PS. It was a risk but it worked out for now.

              Russell getting screwed. Hes not eligible for PS so maybe the Giants resign him down the road after week 1. Talk is that WR Slaton could be IR bound.
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                Yeah they kept all the guys on the ps that I wanted.

                Core seems like a clone of Russell just with more NFL experience.

                Gettleman seems to be focused on special teams rather than true depth with most of these moves... Which is fair I guess considering how much better special teams was last year compared to the Reese days


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                  BJ Goodson dealt to Packers.

                  Picked up ILB David Mayo. 2015 draft pick of Gettleman when he was with the Panthers. Another guy who plays specials.


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                    Stupar finally released. No mention of the replacement but I'd assume it would be them resigning Russell for specials or promoting someone from the PS. Tough to see them adding someone off the street 2 days prior to the season starting.

                    I guess they could also be clearing a spot for a move after the week 1 game rather than guaranteeing Stupar's salary but not using that roster spot would be a little unorthodox.


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                      Good news is that reports claim Jones will backup Manning and Tanney won't dress. Took them 2 years (Webb - Laluetta) to get this right.


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                        Man was that actually in doubt this year? Jeebus