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    He's gotten lucky on some toss ups but that's really not picking. He's done everything you could ask for. I was impressed with his reads thru multiple progressions last time out. His accuracy has been great. Plenty of am strength.

    What I'd still like to see is some sideline outs and screens. Haven't seen him execute more than maybe 1 of those. I'd also like to see him move around a bit more. He's kind of been a statue in the pocket and hasn't shown the best feel for getting out of the way of the rush. I mean it's awesome that he's shown he can take the hot and deliver the ball but I'd rather see him feel the pressure and move his feet.

    Overall tho he's looked BY FAR the best QB in this draft.

    The WRs have looked really good this preseason too. Just goes to show you can always find guys that can catch the ball in this league. Patriots should have been proof of that but everyone obsessed over the stud WRs who actually never win anything


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      Here's the stats for last years and this years QB's through their firs 3 preseason games. Preseason stats are what they are, but when you have this big of an outlier it's got to mean something and it's not luck IMO.

      Josh Allen 24/44 55% 2TD 0INT 210yds 4.8YPA 82.6PR

      Sam Darnold 29/45 64% 2TD 1INT 244yds 5.4YPA 83.9PR

      Dwayne Haskins 22/41 54% 1TD 2INT 305yds 7.4YPA 65.6PR

      Lamar Jackson 18/43 42% 2TD 1INT 201yds 4.7YPA 62.3PR

      Baker Mayfield 26/45 58% 2TD 1INT 361yds 8.0YPA 89.2PR

      Josh Rosen 16/29 55% 1TD 0INT 148yds 5.1YPA 80.8PR

      Danny Dimes 25/35 83% 2TD 0INT 369yds 12.3YPA 140.1PR
      As for the WR's yeah they've stepped up and the Giants have been doing nice things WITHOUT their best guys in Barkley, Engram, Sheppard. I have NO expectations this year as the D is still a huge work in progress, but i'm as excited as can be for the season to start. So much promise.
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        Yeah don't know what to make of the defense. Dexter has shown NOTHING. X man has been explosive in the pass rush. Secondary has some great athletes but you know the young guys are going to make mistakes. ILB has been horrific. It's hard to judge when no one is playing anyone of significance during the pre season.

        I think the defense has a shot to be good early because I do believe these lack of reps from #1s are going to hurt some offenses. They'll probably get schooled once teams settle in and then I think the young guys will start to figure things out from there