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  • I'm totally down with build the lines too. I think that's smart. BUT ... With decent lines this team will win more than 4-5 games. Which means it's going to cost a boat load to move up next year.

    Take Haskins and Ford this year.... Got plenty of cap space next year and ability to do nothing but draft BPA.


    • Glazer reported that Giants asked for #2 pick from 49ers and they were unwilling to move it.

      talk also starting that Giants have no done much work on Haskins which implies he’s not in play at pick 6 at this point.

      (on edit)

      Seems it’s Dianna Russini (ESPN) with the Haskins info:

      “About a week after the Combine, I circled back with some people like, ‘What are you thinking Haskins? Do you guys like him? Do you think you are going for it with your No. 6 pick?” Russini said. “It was, ‘No, actually. We are not doing a lot of work on him.’

      “I spoke to a few people. I’ll paraphrase one: ‘He doesn’t fit with us.’ The idea that they are not going go after a quarterback with the No. 6 pick solidifies they are not giving up on Eli (Manning).”
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      • I buy all that. Sweat and then Ford or Hockenson. In fact going TE there with a guy like Hock helps the eventual RT and the loss of Beckham. He's not quite Gronk....but he's not far off. True in line TE....would let Engram go wide where he excels....

        Hopefully grab Risner in round 2...

        could potentially take their 2nd round pick package it with 17 to move back into the top 10 too....White and Sweat?


        • Lots of talk that Ford is viewed as a G by most teams because his footwork doesn’t play well at T.

          Im starting to hear more rumblings about Hockenson with the idea that they could go the Patriots route with 2 TE’s. A big blocker and a pass catcher. I’m starting to get more on board with it after reading he’s a top tier blocking TE and has the ability to get upfield.

          I personally wouldn’t trade up using the 17 and 2nd rounder. Team needs players and it would be tough giving up one of the top 30ish players. I’d be more interested in using the 2nd and some of the extra picks to trade up into the late 1st if a player falls. Still get those 3 players (along with 5th year options), though white shouldn't still be available at 17. Might be able to get Bush from Michigan though.
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          • I think Ford will be fine as a RT. Yes at times he has issues with speed rushers but that's less if an issue on the right side and easily helped by a chip block and his power/ nasty play style is a good fit for us.

            Not the biggest fan of Bush... But I do like the idea of moving up to the first


            • Peter King talks OBJ trade in his weekly column. Couple things stand out to me:

              1. Gettleman was still looking for 2 first rounders
              2. Deal would not get done without Peppers - Who Gettleman can view as the other 1st round pick.
              3. Claims deal wasn't talked about until the day it was done. Took around 10 hours.
              4. Gettleman only called 1 team (Buffalo - after the Brown fiasco) to see if they'd be interested in OBJ. They said no. Never called any other team.
              5. Gettleman thought he got a fair deal and went with it rather than deal with OBJ's personality.


              • Well we know some of that is BS don't we? Wasn't it "confirmed" earlier this week that Giants asked the 49ers for their #2 pick? So it's not like he didn't talk to any other teams about dealing OBJ. I think the key is "called" - We've been hearing rumors of OBJ being traded for 2 years now....I think Gettleman had a pretty good sense of the market and had plenty of trade discussions with other teams prior to officially pulling the trigger. The Bills were probably a specific call just due to the uniqueness of that situation having been rebuffed so recently.....

                I also think "wasn't talked about" again is pretty specific to the actual terms....again there were rumors OBJ was apart of the OV deal know some of the terms for a larger/different deal were discussed then.

                5. Again I think he should have gotten a 2nd round or at worst the earlier 3rd round pick, but if Peppers plays like the good version of LC....AND the picks pan out probably not a big deal. If Peppers reverts to rookie year form and the picks bust out it'll be a horrible trade.


                • Article said that the Giants didn't call around leading up to the trade. They accepted calls and it was reported that they talked to the 49ers but there wasn't a match since 49ers didn't want to give up the #2 pick and they Giants weren't interested in dealing OBJ for the 2nd rounder, plus next years 1st, and another player. King's article claimed they might have wanted Buckner included in that type of deal and the 49ers weren't willing to go there.

                  Another rumor being floated around is that the Pat's have called about Shepherd and could be offering a 2nd rounder. Might be the reason they signed Golden Tate who's a lot better in the slot then on the outside. Pat's have 6 picks in the first 3 rounds and money that they were offering other Wr's this off season (Humphries and Beasley).
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                  • Washington signs Flower but sees him as a G. Always thought the Giants should have tried him there.


                    • Gettleman says he'll have Eli's heir on the roster and in the first round if all goes as planned..... no idea what to make of that


                      • He said yes and no during that interview. I think that DG has proven you can't gauge anything hes going to do by what he says. Could be all smokescreen to bait a team to trade up etc. Bottomline is the Giants are in a position to go many different directions during the draft.
                        My EntireTeam Sucks...


                        • Originally posted by MrHat View Post
                          Gettleman says he'll have Eli's heir on the roster and in the first round if all goes as planned..... no idea what to make of that
                          Keeps pointing to Jones at 17 to me.


                          • Originally posted by OrangeNblueNmyVeins View Post
                            He said yes and no during that interview. I think that DG has proven you can't gauge anything hes going to do by what he says. Could be all smokescreen to bait a team to trade up etc. Bottomline is the Giants are in a position to go many different directions during the draft.
                            Maybe but last year all he was saying was he was going to take BPA and loved Barkley. So I don't know that this comment was just a smoke screen. I think its very much open to was he talking about #6 or #17 or trading #17 for like Rosen.... but honestly given his track record on draft statements I think I'd be a little surprised if he walked away without a QB.

                            Unfortunately I kind of agree with Dak. My only hope is that teams are more content to wait for things to fall for them which maybe leads to a spot where the Giants could move up a couple of slots from 17 to snag Lock. -- Tho in fairness Gettleman passed on 3 top flight (so we're told) QBs last year to draft the best guy in the draft. Should we really believe that this year he's going to "reach" for Jones this year over the guys who will likely be available @ 17? I go back to he's looking at someone expecting a fall.... OR he's got a plan B to trade for a Rosen or a highly thought of "backup"
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                            • Schefter dropped this nugget in his podcast recently. We obviously have no idea if true and value of players involved is pretty subjective.

                              “I know, know, there were other teams that offered the Giants more than the Browns did for Odell Beckham Jr. So if the Browns are coming in with this offer that the Giants thought was good, why not — and I’ve never made a trade like this — but why not say ‘hey listen that’s a great offer, give us 24 hours, we want to see what else is available before we make this deal with you. What was the rush on March 12?”

                              I'm starting to get on the Lock bandwagon at 17 if he's there and they go D with the 6th pick. I like him a lot better than Jones and while he's a risk taker he has a lot more throwing ability. He'd be a bit more risk/reward but that's better than drafting the next Andy Daulton and being a perrenial 8-8 type team. Giants also had dinner with Haskins last night prior to OH Pro Day. Doesn't seem like something teams would do if there's not some level of interest. If they are looking to go Jones I'd prefer to see them trade back into the late 1st for him than use either 6 or 17 on him.
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                              • I'd rather see them trade for like Jacoby Brisset than bother with Jones. Hell I'd rather see them just use a 3rd or 4th on someone like Finley or Jackson or Stidham or even taking a really late like 5th or 6th round stab at Thorson. Jones just looks like a bigger, less accurate, version of Lauletta to me....maybe at his absolute ceiling he's what Eli is now + some mobility....Eli now is still pretty far from Eli 2009

                                After the combine there was reports that Haskins impressed the Giants in his interview which is why the Russini report seemed odd....but who knows. 1/2 of these smoke screens aren't even from the Giants its from media folks trying to get clicks....