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  • Guess it's all what you want to believe - ie Rosen. ESPNís Jordan Ranaan is claiming that the Giants are not in love with Rosen will not even consider giving up the 17th pick (What the Card's would ask for) and they also seem to be against giving up that 2nd rounder for him. From what he gathers they'd be OK with a 3rd for him.

    This still seems too much like a NE move with that 32nd pick. Bellichek gets great value along with a potential chip to flip later on or groom him to take over for Brady while the Card's get that 1st round pick they seem to want to save face.


    • Rosen would be a dumpster fire here. No thanks
      My EntireTeam Sucks...


      • It could just be a lot of smoke but there are a ton of rumors starting to go around that Haskins is falling in the draft and could actually be the 4th QB on some teams boards at this point. Now Haskins said he won't be attending the draft which could be another thing pointing to the fact that he won't go as early as originally planned. Most top prospects do not want to sit in the draft room waiting for their names to be called (ie Rodgers) while the camera's track their every move. Rosen also being available could be viewed as 5 QB's available this draft.

        This seems to put more stock in the fact that the Giants are not looking at him at 6. He's a local kid and if they gave him an indication he's a possibility at 6 I'd think he would be there. Makes that pick 17 a lot more interesting if he happens to fall into the teens or the talk that the Giants don't feel they need a QB this year could also be accurate.


        • I still want Haskins at 6....I dont see any way he makes it to 17. He moves around the pocket well...great accuracy...does a really outstanding job going through progressions. Local kid. I dunno I really view this as a Barkley situation - guy wants to go here...has the talent to do an intelligent team first guy who the media would love...don't over think it. I agree that him not coming to the draft is a bad sign tho. While I'm sure folks would cite family and his humble nature...I go back to this guy gets "it" -- he seems very savvy he knows what it means to show or not show for the draft. If he was confident he was going top 10 he'd be there IMO.

          There's a lot of hype swirling around Grier now even to the point where he might be a late first / early 2nd pick when I'd say after the senior bowl and combine he was a day 3 guy....I dunno the guy looks like he's going to dislocate his arm throwing the football. His passes all seem to have a wobble to them as well. With that motion/windup he's certainly not a quick strike QB. He had a horrible senior bowl week/game...crap at the combine. I get it, you dont sum up a guy in a handful of day, but I was not impressed at all. I like Jones more than Grier and I wouldn't even think of Jones until probably the 3rd round. To me, Grier would be a Laulette/Webb 2.0 and I'm tired of wasting 3rd/4th rounders on QBs. Now is not the time to be taking stabs in the dark and finding cheap backups....its QB of the future or none. Certainly all indication have been that they'll be skipping and at least based on last year Getty hasn't shown himself to be one to do this for smoke screens.

          I'd be fine with Lock, Haskins, or Murray but the rest of these QBs just again seem like a bunch of Lauletta's / Webb's to me. Either strong arms with and questionable decision making / mechanics (Jackson, Grier, Stidham, - heck you can put Lock in here too, but I think his ceiling is far above most of these guys). Or smart decision makers with arm strength issues or accuracy issues (Finley, Jones). If the Giants go dumpster diving on a QB this year Stidham would be a decent risk if he's like 5th or 6th round.

          Kicking the can down to 2020 seems really risky at this point. If this team gets some D and finishes the line they'll be in the 7+ wins area and a couple of teams look to be already positioning themselves for 2020 - Miami, Cincy, it might be impossible to trade up for the guy you want.


          • Agree with kicking it down the line is always a risk. Unless you draft #1 or 2 there's no guarantee you'll get any of the top guys and if they do upgrade the team they could be at 6-8 wins potentially which would cost a fortune to move up from. Old news but another reason why the Barkley pick, as great as he seems to be, was the wrong move last year. Teams will not win without a QB and you can't keep hoping to dig one up in mid-to-late 1st round or trade the farm to move up and get one while staying competitive. People will say that's what KC did but they moved up to pick 10, not pick 1-3. Eagles paid 2 first round picks (#8 overall in 2016 plus 2017 1st rounder), 2018 2nd rounder, 3rd, and a 4th round pick to move up for Wentz. Rams paid 2 first rounders (2016/2017), 2 2nd rounders, and 2 3rd rounders to move from 15 to 1st overall. They did get a 5th and 6th round pick back. It's not cheap to move up for a QB so you need to grab one when you are in position to.

            I think the biggest issue with Haskins is who you bypass for him at 6. I wouldn't be upset if they took him there but I think Gettleman is going to have one of the D-line or White ranked higher on the board when they pick. About 10-14 days ago Schefter commented that the 2 QB's he hears most connected to the Giants are Jones and Grier. I don't know if he really has a source or just speculating but if true my guess is that they feel they can get Jones at 17 or Grier at 37 if Jones isn't there and still come away with the top player for the D at 6.

            I'd prefer they go with Haskins and let him develop but I just keep thinking that they're targeting Jones at 17 and might even move up a few spots to take him.


            • I look at is as the talent in the DLine that you can get a 17 in this draft is pretty close to the talent you'd get a 6 in your typical I really don't care about the board rankings -- Now tell me Allen, Bosa, or Williams falls - okay any of those 3 are top 3 picks in a given year I'd be the first to say okay you gotta pause the QB train (likely Haskins would be gone before 6 in this scenario anyways) with that kind of talent just falling into your lap ... But White? Sweat? Is anyone out there really proclaiming those guys are head and shoulders above Burns, Ferrell, Wilkins, Bush? Heck there's some folks that have Burns a better prospect than Sweat to begin with. Ferrell would have been top 10 had he declared last year. I'd very strongly argue that Haskins / Ferrell is a better 1st round than Sweat / Jones or Grier.

              I go back to the thought that you don't try to "cheat" with your franchise QB. If Jones or Grier aren't worth drafting at 6 then they probably aren't the guy you should be putting the future of the franchise into. QBs are RARELY BPA. Even last year just about everyone on the planet said the best players in the draft were Barkley, Nelson, and Chubb...then you start stacking up the QBs....and that was a class where the QBs were HIGHLY rated. Yes you need to consider value with the pick, but you've also got a run of teams from 10-15 that could very well be looking for a QB - Denver, Cincy, Miami, Washington...let alone some other teams who might be looking into the future a bit - New England, Pitt, LA, etc...why take the risk if he's YOUR guy? Is the loss of draft capital going from say 17 to 9 to ensure you get "your guy" worth the difference in talent from say Sweat to Burns or Ferrell?

              That said you want to see like the wetdream of mocks? Check out Casserly's latest:


              Never happen, but I honestly couldn't envision a better scenario than that.

              The Barkley pick is still good in my book if they get the QB this year. You've lost at most a 1/2 season of development in the bigger picture and gained an earlier start to a stable structure around the QB. *IF* they punt again then they better win the superbowl this year or next otherwise the then yeah....the Barkley pick was a bad choice. I'm not sold on Darnold (who yeah I would have picked), Allen, Rosen tho out of that draft yet...has to be at least considered in that scenario.


              • More talk popping up that Russell Wilson wants to go to NY to play. Donít see it happening unless he eventually gets to be a FA.

                NFL radio talked about this the other day and speculated it could take 4 1st rounders to trade for him. No way any team does that but I could see Wilson play hard ball next year with Seattle and only costing 2 1st rounders since heíll then need to be franchised.


                • Seattle can and will franchise him. After that at 32 do you really want to trade for him knowing BEST CASE he has 5 years left?


                  • I personally donít want to deal anything for him given heís want $30 mil a year going forward. Team is more than 1 QB away and canít afford to deal top picks. Add in they wonít cut Manning at this point this year and it wonít happen. I was just stating thereís more rumors about it that popped up again.


                    • Cost is everything....if you can tell me you can get Russel Wilson for #6 and your #1 next year at its core....I'd be fine with that NOW (unrealistic I know - just saying). Between the cap space they have next year and the remaining picks this year I think they can put a defense around him. If it's going to cost most of the draft capital for the next 2-3 years or if Seattle is going to Franchise him and kick the can down the road another year or two? Then forget it.

                      The Giants need their QB of the future this year so I'm open to all avenues of getting one....