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Collins shoulder surgery

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  • Collins shoulder surgery

    Expected to miss 4-6 months.

    Be interesting how the Giants work with him this off season given his contract status. He hasn't played at a pro bowl level but at his age they at a minimum franchise tag him.

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    No reason to give him a long term deal at this point IMO. Franchise tag for a safety is extremely affordable. Lock him into that and lets see what direct the team goes next year....

    Honestly, its looking more and more like Eli will likely serve out the last year of his deal as the starting this point I almost expect this team to finish 7-9 (Skins look done, titans are trash, and who knows if the Cowboys even have to play that last week - depends how they do vs the Eagles this weekend) and they'll try to sell the 6-2 finish after the 1-7 start. Blame the whole season on a 60+ yard FG in Carolina and bad collapse against the Eagles.....

    Continue to build the lines and wait yet another year to figure out the QB....


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      Eagles done....yep Giants gonna be kicking themselves for the finish of those Carolina and Eagles gsmes. That will probably be the difference in making the playoffs


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        Catch 22. If they didn’t lose those games they wouldn’t have gotten Brown who’s helped the OL get better. Without Brown this team would still be struggling. He’s not an all pro but Is a solid G who the Giants are going to have to bring back.

        Sign Brown and add a RT in the draft and this offense could be pretty good with a decent QB. Strange as it sounds, the further they drop in the draft the more I’m probably going to be on the draft a QB bandwagon.


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          Makes sense because really only one of these QBs are true top 10 picks....but the problem is because of the position, probably 3 end up going top 15