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Harrison dealt to Detroit

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  • Harrison dealt to Detroit

    5th rounder. I was hoping for a 4th rounder but with all the young DT's added recently, McIntosh just returned to practice, this was a move that was going to happen. Liked Harrison a lot but this clears some cap space for next year.

    Talk is that Jenkins will be moved if someone is willing to take on the contract. Other name I saw thrown around was (suprisingly) Collins.

    Giants said that Vernon is not being shopped but if a team comes asking you have to think about moving him, especially with all the pass rush talent in this years draft.

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    Not really sure how you snag a 4th rounder for Apple, but only get a 5th for Snacks. I know there's cap numbers involved, but something seems off there.


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      Age and contract has mostly to do with it from what I've seen.


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        5th seems like a throw away to me tho. Like you take a 5th someone like Jenkins or OV to get out from a contract. Snacks...had an out after this year for very little dead money hit and still only a 7 mil cap hit next year....didn't think that was that bad for a player with his skills. Not that I'm saying I expected a 2nd or a 3rd for him, but a mid-4th seems pretty reasonable to me. Det isn't great but you're still looking at a mid/late 5th. Bleh


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          Snacks is 30 with a big contract and is a luxury in a pass dominated league. He's really not on the field much and IMO has been overrated immensely by Giants fans. They were likely going to cut him this off season so getting anything let alone a 5th is fine in my book. Bottom line is they got more for Apple because at least he's still young and has a reasonable deal and plays a more premiere position. A NT like Snacks isn't really a huge sought after spot.

          Hopefully Gettleman can turn these extra 4's and 5's into a 3rd come draft time.
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            He needs to take players with these picks rather than deal them. Way too many holes to be trading multiple picks for a higher pick. The more picks, even in the late rounds, gives you more chances to hit on players. Those are the rounds you can take chances on a guy like McIntosh, Maurice Hurst, Shaquem Griffin, etc. who have some medical issues but a lot of talent where if they develop they could be solid players, special teamers, or situational guys. Those are as important as getting those star players on winning teams.

            As for Harrison. I was thinking he'd bring a 4th back. 5th isn't terrible considering the very reasons you mention are a reason the Giants would have probably let him go in the off season. Add all the young DT's they have drafted recently and the fact that Harrison doesn't really fit Betchler's system and I can see why they took the 5th and moved on.
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