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  • Season over?

    That saints game was pathetic. Every time the Giants looked to do something some stupid penalty/turnover (The Gallman one was a killer even if the D held....the entire O seemed to shutdown after it). I just don't get what they are even trying to D on offense anymore. Dink and dunk, but you can't sustain that for 80 yards....if you can't take deep shots against the saints D then I don't know who you'd ever take shots at.

    The D is okay, but they never get big turnovers and when the pressure is on, they blew it. Let 2 3rd down conversions happen in the last 3 mins that were just completely unacceptable tackling/defense.

    The Eagles look vunerable this year, but I just can't see them beating the Panthers next week and a loss there definitely puts a nail in the coffin. After that hope for another <5 win season, grab one of the QBs and move on with the rebuild.

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    Theoretically the season was probably over after the Dallas game given the schedule. But, at 1-3 it will take a miracle for them to turn it around.

    D has played pretty well considering they get no pressure. Maybe when Vernon returns that changes some. Hill looks like he could be pretty good. Still not a DE even in a 3-4 but he's showing he could be an inside DL guy who could get you 5+ sacks a season. Tomlinson shouldn't be a DE at all. He rarely gets pressure. At best we have to hope he can be a potential replacement for Snacks down the line. Riley at FS is a liability. Bad at angles and not a good tackler.

    Offense still has major issues at both OL and QB. OL still has issues with giving up pressure and sacks and Manning is either punch drunk already 4 weeks in where he feels he needs to drop everything off 3 yards down field or when he tries to go further down the field his accuracy has been crap. The way this offense is currently run (by Shula/Shurmer and/or Manning) is that they'll struggle most of the game and hope Barkley or OBJ may a big play.

    My main question isn't even about if the season is over. It's at what point do you give Lauletta some game time. I don't think we're anywhere near that at this point but if they get to 1-7 or 2-9 record area then they cannot make the same mistake they made with Webb where they don't know what they have at QB prior to the off season. It's early but I could see them bypass a QB again if they pick in the top 5. You have a couple game changing DL ranked at the top of the draft right now, a couple OT's who could be top 10 picks, and questionable views on all the QB's.


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      I dunno....Lauletta did not look like an NFL player yet in the preseason to me...and if he's not the #2 QB I can't imagine he's getting a ton of reps in practice. Hopefully, if they do hit the 1-4 mark they move him up on the depth chart and start to give him some practice time. I don't think you can or would want to even try Lauletta into an NFL game until this team hits 8 or 9 losses....but I agree they can't pull another Geno/Webb....its why I was worry about having Tanney even on this roster. You've got a QB who never misses time, why bother with a Vet backup.

      Watch where the QBs end up come Jan....all of a sudden some of these questionable guys will be talked about as the "next blah blah blah" ...happens every year...nature of the position. Like I said before I'd put Herbert or Lock up there with any of the QBs taken in this last draft... but I agree you get low enough and it could be hard to pass on the DL talent. Lot of football to go on that side


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        QB's always move up the rankings even if they don't have the talent to. That's because of the supply and demand of the position.

        I'm not worried about how Lauletta looked in the preseason. You'd have to expect that when the time comes where they're thinking about getting him time they'll start to increase his reps. No matter what he needs to see time if this is a lost season. You can't waste another mid round pick on a QB they have no intention of playing.


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          Why after every game does a season long declaration have to be made? first half of the year was always going to be tough. Toughest in the NFL. For a brand new team with over 30 new players and staff that's a tall task. Obviously looking less and less like they will have a bounceback 8-8 season, but there is still 12 games to go. It's becoming more and more clear that Eli might and probably should be cut after the season. Giants can't afford a 20 million dollar unproductive QB.
          My EntireTeam Sucks...


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            **** Beckham....once again all talk. Drops a key 4th and 3. Then ****s up a punt return and just hands 7 points to the Panthers. He's killing the Giants today....10 point swing as if he catches the 4th and 3, they were at worst in FG range.


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              LOL of course
              My EntireTeam Sucks...


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                That's it I'm giving up sports. Seriously what the ****?


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                  Season was over the moment they hired Shurmur.
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                    Again as much as the last sec FG is just "typical" this game is not even in reach if the highest paid WR in football can catch a ball. Two drops took points directly off the board and toss in another 7 for the panthers on a TD. Guy is always quick to blame everyone else for the team issues, but chokes when the team needs him the most.


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                      I honestly didn't see the the punt or 4th down play as I was in and out of the house doing chores and forgot to tape the game.

                      He's a great talent but I'm expecting them to shop him around again this off season based on this last interview and the reports of how mad Shurmer was. He's changing into Terrell Owens before our eyes. A guy with supreme talent who should have a HOF career but someone who thinks very highly of himself and doesn't care or think before saying/doing things. He's obviously wearing out his welcome even for those of us who were willing to deal with some of his antics on the field if he produced. I was worried that he was on his best behavior this off and preseason in an effort to get his contract.

                      From what I saw of the game the positive is that it seems that Shurmer is opening up the offense some. There was a little trick play (Odell's pass) and finally some deep passes. I still think Manning is shot at this point but he had a decent game outside of his 2 bad INT's. Oline also seems to play pretty well which helped Manning and the passing game.

                      Negatives were that there were just dumb penalties and too many missed tackles.


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                        Giants plan on releasing Flowers f they can't trade him by 4 o clock tomorrow


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                          Manning starting the game playing like crap again.


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                            4 weeks to get Kyle ready but no clue how you can expect success with this's worse than last year significantly worse


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                              I don't think Manning is the sole issue with this team. Obviously the Oline is just as bad as last year. 5 weeks in and they are still missing assignments and plainly getting beat. One play I vividly saw Hernandez hand a rusher off to a non-existent Grecco and just stand there looking for someone else to block. Manning was probably under pressure 50% of his drop backs last night. My issue is that on the other drop backs he's missed guys, threw inaccurate, or just dumped it off. He had 281 passing yards but a lot of that was Barkley making things happen or garbage time plays.

                              I'm also not saying things would change with Tanney or Lauletta getting playing time other than both of those guys are more mobile which would allow the pocket to be moved, boots, etc. and either/both would at least get some experience to try and gauge the QB need next year. It's real early to talk draft but if they do not fix this Oline somehow it won't matter if they're high enough in the draft to take a QB.

                              I think week 10, following the bye, is the spot to look for either of the 2 other QB's to start seeing time. At that point the season will be over and with the bye it would give either guy a good 2 weeks worth of 1st team reps to try and get them ready. It would also give 7 games worth of tape on a possible replacement.