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Report - Wheeler starting over Flowers

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  • Report - Wheeler starting over Flowers

    Per Ian Rapaport

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    Nice win. Eli looked great. Funny how that works when he has protection up front.

    and god damn Wynn was a beast today. Total game wrecker


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      Watt took it over late but by then the game was basically over. Solid job by the line. We don't need a good one....just one that doesn't completely suck. Wheeler pretty much was that definition yesterday


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        I think the other 4 guys were pretty good for the game but Wheeler got man-handled by Watt for most of the game. As a whole it was enough to give Manning enough time to be fairly comfortable back there. He's still not very accurate when he throws but that's been a knock on him most of his career.

        I don't think Wheeler was much of an upgrade in the pass protection over Flowers and maybe that was because of Watt but what he brought was an upgrade at the run game and the attitude of trying each snap of the ball. Maybe the change and communication with the rest of the guys will make the difference.

        I do need to see it more than 1 weeks but first 2 weeks, outside of his long TD run week 1, Barkely was averaging under 3 yards per carry. Yesterday he averaged almost 6 yards per carry and routinely ran behind Wheeler and Omameh. That in itself could be the upgrade this line needed in trying to stop the pass rush.


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          Well that's what I noticed most - was that Omameh played MUCH better. My guess is that's because he and Wheeler could actually communicate.... Maybe it was just that Omameh woke up...but I don't think so.

          Watt is a beast....Wheeler 1. Didn't commit stupid penalties. 2. Didn't allow a sack until late in the 2Q. I'm not saying Wheeler was great, but he did enough so that Watt didn't really have an impact until the Giants already had 20 points up on the board. For sure Flowers gets his doors blown off at least once early and there would have been at least 1, if not more holding penalties.


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            Only think I'll say about Watt was that he had zero sacks in his last (I think) 8 games and only 1.5 in his last 10.before this one over 3 injury seasons.. He then goes against Wheeler and not only gets 3 but was in the backfield all day. Watt is a HOF player but up until yesterday he hasn't played like one in a while.


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              I actually thought Eli looked pretty damn accurate yesterday. He hit OBJ in double coverage near the sideline with an absolute perfect pass. Some of his quick slants over the middle were high but he's always struggled with that pass


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                Engram has sprained MCL. Week to week


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                  Originally posted by strummer View Post
                  Engram has sprained MCL. Week to week
                  Not as big of a loss as I would have thought at the start of the year. Engram has been massively disappointing thus far....terrible blocking, too many drops, like 0 big plays.

                  I'll also say Greco did a much better job in run blocking than I ever saw from Pio.....


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                    Greco could have looked better given the improvement from Omameh. And the running game as a whole could have been a factor of Engram not being in the game and a TE who can block playing.

                    Agreed on Engram though. With the amount of play makers on offense he's become a luxury rather than an actual focal point.

                    Paul Schwartz has some interesting comments in his recent article.

                    "The Giants over-drafted him in 2015, as he was not worth the No. 9 overall pick. Heck, some in their organization had him as a third-round pick."

                    "There were members of the coaching staff who flat-out believed Flowers could not be fixed. He worked hard, at times, but also grew discouraged. Most of the other offensive linemen had little use for him."


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                      I never heard of Flowers being a 3rd rounder, but everyone and their mother agreed he was a at 9. Most drafts had him graded as a 15-25 type 1st rounder worst early 2nd....he went sprinting up the boards late because some GMs/Scouts fell in love with his size - I think the Rams were rumored in on him @ 10, but 3rd rounder seems like some revisionist history.

                      He was a typically Reese pick. High upside / High bust potential. He missed too many of those.
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