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Does the offense show up Sunday?

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  • Does the offense show up Sunday?

    Really all season with maybe the exception of week 1 we've been waiting for this offense to click anywhere near like it did last year..... Does " road playoff" Eli show up and make it happen this week?

    We know the numbers.... Eli in his winning playoff games 15 TDs, 2 Ints..the offense averaging over 20 points a game. Eli in his losing playoff games 2 TDs, 6 Ints....the offense scoring a total of 30 points in 3 games.

    I don't really worry that this will be like 2005 team despite some similarities...a team who went 11-5, but really wasn't as good as their record indicated... and then didn't even really bother to show up vs. the Panthers.... 2 Ints in Giants territory by Eli lead to 10 points and another pick inside the Panther's 20 kept points off the board...but still the defense wasn't as good as it should have been, they allowed multiple long drives by the Panthers.

    But that said I really doubt the Giants can win this game by doing what they have been, scoring under 20 and letting the D dominate. Rodgers is too hot to be held to 15-18 points. They need at least 24 IMO. So what do people think, can this team generate that kind of scoring output without the D putting some of those points up on their own. GB D is not good, but they have been turnover happy of late...and we know Eli has been more turnover prone more this year.... While the Washington D sucks, BM showed some new wrinkles in the running and screen game that fans have been asking for does he have something else up his sleeve?

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    Here's another Perkin's Bradshaw 2.0? In 2007 Bradshaw kind of came out of no where late...basically having all of his yards in the last regular season game, then went on to be a pretty big factor in the playoffs that year.

    Now obviously Perkins has had a lot more burn than Bradshaw did during the season, but he's been building towards something and again in the last game of the year he had his break out performance.....he's been averaging just about 5 a carry the last 3 weeks.... everyone wrote off that 2007 Giants run game as well, but the combo of Bradshaw/Jacobs became very effective in the playoffs. Wouldn't surprise me to see Perkins step into that same kind of success.


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      First playoff game in 5 years. Kind of funny I'm more nervous for this than the Mets waiting 9. Well there is that one and done thing...

      win or lose this has been a fun rebound season. Let's go g men!!


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        It is the 64k questions. I am not overly confident just because of how bad the OL has been this year.
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          Oh well it was a nice season.


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            Thanks Mike McCarthy!


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              Need a left tackle (flowers need to move to right tackle.... good run blocker, but awful as a pass blocker) and linebackers.
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                Is there another athlete in pro sports as unlikable than Beckham? Guy is a clown.
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                  Yeah Beckham killed this game...the Giants DOMINATED the first half and ended up being down by half time....that Hail Mary was just shameful. But really, OBJ drops a 1st down pass on 3rd and 4. Leaves the Giants just out of FG range (at the min) in the early drive. Then drops a sure fire touchdown pass. Basically the Giants could have been up at a min 16-0....those were 2 daggers to this offense.

                  Then special teams just sucked. Wing had a terrible coverage was horrific. GB had the ball at the 40 or better pretty much all game even tho the Giants offense was consistently driving. why is this guy even in the game. Forget the stupid 3rd and 1 call...his play on the kickoff was another 7 points pretty much handed to GB.

                  Eli played well until the game was already over (4Q). Look he can't control the drops. His WRs let him down big time early and that led to everything else. I do think the Giants gave up on the run too early too, but that seems to happen with this O. They stopped running towards Flowers which I think is a key to helping him. Teams know they can speed rush him, but if the Giants run that way, then the speed rush puts the DE out of the play....helps buy Flowers a second from time to time. That said, he continues to be horrific. I don't know that I'd even trust him at RT at this point. I think his future needs to be at Guard. Him, Pugh, and Richburgh would actually be a pretty good center of the line.

                  Bummer way to end a promising season, but I think there's still reasons to be optimistic for next year. The D will be back mostly intact (we'll see what happens with Hankins/JPP). The offense has 3 big holes to fill, but at least they are clearly identified. They fix the O-line, get a TE or stronger 3rd WRer and the offense should be much improved. I still think Perkins is the RB of the future...hopefully they add a fullback back into the mix next year so they can have more variety in their offensive sets.


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                    I think Eli played well and the issue was more about the WR's (mostly Beckham) dropping passes. But, his throws were also a little off. Couple throws to Bekham should ahve been caught (TD for one) but some weren't great throws.

                    This team over-achived all season based primarily on how well the D played. Offense had issues all year.

                    Quick thoughts on the offseason..

                    Offence needs a bunch of stuff.

                    1. OL - Depending on who's added will determine alot. They could use a OT and G plus they need to resign Pugh. Ideally they could add an OT (Robinson/McGlinchy) in the draft which could give them the option of moving Flowers inside to guard where he can use his strength better. That along with bouncing Pugh to the other side should make the O-line better, at least on paper. At worst they could look to add a RT or give Hart another shot at the job.

                    2. I've mentioned it all year. They need someone who can stretch the field. Outside of Beckham there was no one who was a consistent deep threat. Everything was in the 4-7 yard pass range. Maybe Tavaris King could be that 3rd guy but sorry to say Cruz shouldn't, and probably won't, return.

                    3. Need a pass catching TE. If MacAdoo's offense won't keep a TE in to help block when the tackles are getting killed then they need to find a TE who's more of a downfield/pass threat. Lot's of good TE's in the draft this year that could be around in the 2nd.

                    4. Lastly, as mentioned, a FB should be on the roster and used in some situations.

                    Defense is on the uptick.

                    1. Need to add a pass rusher, ideally someone at DT who can create some pressure. Pass rusher could be JPP depending on his salary demands but I think Hankins is gone. Someone like Bromley/Thomas or a FA big body can take his spot.

                    2. Bring back Leon Hall (he's only 32). He struggled at the slot but played well at FS. If/when Thompson comes back it will allow the D to play 3 safeties and allow Collins to play a roaming position closer to the line of scrimmage.

                    3. Depending on salary bring back Keenan Robinson. He played a good MLB/coverage LB.

                    4. Need to add a play maker at the LB level. Upgrade would be welcome over Kennard/Casillas with Kennard developing more into a DE/rush LB.


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                      I think you'll see a lot more of Kennard as a standing DE next year. They did that when teams allowed this year and it worked. Robinson shouldn't be hard to bring back and I agree.....

                      I again think a lot of the issue regarding their inability to go downfield just goes back to the O-Line. While certainly I agree I'd like to see them get someone to do that...I think Shepard and Beckham CAN stretch the field more if the O-Line gives Eli some time to let them. I don't think King or Lewis are the deep threat answers personally. Nice players, I think they are 4th WRs. Agreed on Cruz unless he is willing to come back for peanuts...even then would depend on what other moves they could make.

                      I think of it more as an either/or with the WR/TE situation. If they have a pass catching TE, that will lessen the pressure on the edges or give Eli a threat right up the middle. I think they could live with what they have there if the TE is good. If they don't get a good receiving TE, then they need a WR (and a generic blocking TE). Tye is okay, but again not a huge threat and not a great blocker. He's a nice backup or interesting if they ever decided to run 2 TE sets in the future.

                      I agree Hankins is probably gone, again unless he comes back for peanuts. He largely had a poor year....that might help the Giants....but really based on his play I don't know if I want him back. Bromley sucks. Okay okay he played decent yesterday, but the dude is not a starting DT. If Hankins goes, hopefully the draft comes up in our favor because I don't see the Giants spending much in FA, especially on the D.

                      Agree with Hall, but I bet he's a goner. He played well enough this year to get some decent money somewhere. It just stinks Thompson/Behre couldn't/can't stay healthy.

                      They need Vereen back at RB too. Jennings is toast. I think Perkins is the unchallenged started next year, but it would be nice to have someone else there....maybe the 4th/5th rounds yield something again


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                        JPP commented that he won't take a 1 year or sign a franchise offer. Estimates in the 5 year $50-55 mil area on some sites though it only take 1 team to break the bank on him.


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                          I still worry about JPP to some degree. I want him back, but I won't curse if some team makes him a big offer and he leaves.... Don't get me wrong everyone wants to get paid in this game, but something rubbed me a little bit on his comments and I wonder with him if the same motivation will be there in the future that was there this year. He had a lot of things to prove this year....I don't know if he's a guy who's always keeps the motor running 100% if he gets his money.

                          We've seen him before kind of fall into a lull....not just this year, as mostly he was a machine even if the stats weren't always there, but in past seasons - he made a name in 2011 and then just kind of went through the motions in 2012/2013...then he suddenly came alive leading into a contract year in 2014 before he blew his hand off.

                          He's a key piece to this defense as the pass rush is needed...but he's still a guy I question if unloading a ton of cash on is smart. He's not a guy like Vernon who even though he might not be as explosive in terms of pass rushing or raw athletic ability, just has a motor that doesn't stop.

                          So I could go either way on JPP. I do know if he bolts they better pick up a major pass rusher to replace him tho. The 5/50 offer doesn't seem terrible to me and sounds about right if that's truly "all it takes" but I'd definitely be worried about extended beyond that.