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Mets signing Hand?

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  • Mets signing Hand?

    Couple of places reporting it's a 2 year deal and could be completed today.... Just about a perfect fit for this club - needed a lefty and need the bp help - be interested to see the $$ after that insane deal Hendricks got....but 2 years would be nice. I was worried they'd have to go more to get him

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    Alderson said he would have claimed him last year at his $10 mil salary so I'd guess it's around 2 years $20. Really good pickup if it happens. Quality power lefty who can close if needed. Exactly the BP arm the Mets need.

    Reports had Wilson as a fall back option if Hand doesn't work out but I'd like to bring him back too if the money isn't crazy to add another good lefty.


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      Agreed....Wilson would be nice as well - I still wish they would just keep Lugo in the pen too, but thats looking more and more to not be the case.... maybe if he's ineffective he slides back when Thor returns, but bleh. May, Wilson, Familia, Hand, Diaz put Lugo there and thats a major strength.


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        Hand signs with Washington on a ONE YEAR 10.5 million deal. So big money Cohen and penny pinching Alderson couldn't top that? Again these mother ****ers are all TALK.
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          Good grief.

          Sandy snoozes for ages, strikes gold with Lindor and Carrasco and then falls back to sleep.

          This is his MO - can get a great trade, but stubbornly refuses to strike win/win FA deals. Always has to win, or sign 2nd/3rd tier options for more than they're worth to prove he's too much of a genious to go for top flight guys. Meanwhile, all the best options get scooped up by other teams.
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            This is all Sandy. Again look at the off-season. Over pay early on mediocre reliever. Overpay early on middling catcher. That's his stamp.

            Mets had needs at C, CF, SP, and the BP. They didn't sign the best player on the market at ANY of those positions.

            4 mil per was too rich in Springer. Now 500k for ONE season was too much for Hand.

            ​​​​​​All that love Sandy threw Bauer? Well now they only want him on a short term deal and you know the money isn't anywhere near the 30-35 mil if would take for him to agree to a 1-2 year offer.

            I'm going to lose it when they give JBJ like 3 years 40+ mil


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              I think Mets needed to go better than the 10.5 mil the Nats offered. With the Nats he's able to close which could set him up next off season for a better deal then setting up on the Mets for the same money.

              I'm still fine with the moving on from Springer at that extra cost.

              I'm not expecting Bauer to cost in that $30-35 mil range when things are all said and done. I'd wager that his salary will be closer to $25 mil than $35 when he signs. I see more like 2 years $50-55 mil or 3 years $80-85 mil being the area he eventually signs in.


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                Originally posted by dak11 View Post
                I think Mets needed to go better than the 10.5 mil the Nats offered. With the Nats he's able to close which could set him up next off season for a better deal then setting up on the Mets for the same money.

                I'm still fine with the moving on from Springer at that extra cost.

                I'm not expecting Bauer to cost in that $30-35 mil range when things are all said and done. I'd wager that his salary will be closer to $25 mil than $35 when he signs. I see more like 2 years $50-55 mil or 3 years $80-85 mil being the area he eventually signs in.
       shouldn't have killed the Mets to put 12 mil or 2/24 on the table - especially to keep him away from a division rival. If he still took the 10.5 then so be it, but players rarely leave money on the table and lets be real its not like 1 season in a hybrid role and other clubs are going to write him off as a future closer...reports are the Mets were "near" the 10.5 but he wanted to close. 1-3 mil shouldn't have been a back breaker

                As for Bauer, reports back in late Dec said there was already multiple multi year offers on the table exceeding 100+ mil....if those were 4/100 or 5/100 type deals, then it usually doesn't take much to get a team to up it to 5/125 or something like that when calls for "final offers" come. IMO Bauer has been waiting around trying to exceed what Springer got. He knows he's not going to exceed the top pitchers deals overall, but he either wants to be among the highest AAV on a short term (30+) OR the biggest deal of the offseason....that's been his m.o.

                If those reports were true, I think its hard to see him taking a "short term" 1-2 years less than ~30 mil per - he wants to be up there with Sale, Kershaw, Cole, etc not with the Zach Wheelers / Yu Darvishs of the world, and its hard to see the Mets going anywhere above 25 per (not even sure they'd get there to be honest) just given what we've seen from them since Lindor..... So I agree if you're saying his AAV is going to be around 25 on a long term 4+ year deal. Short term? Think its 30+.


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                  Agreed on Hand. going 11-12 mil per would not have killed the budget.

                  Guess we'll see where Bauer eventually signs at. I think his personality and baggage will keep both the AAV and years down to more reasonable levels. I haven't seen any of the reports that he already has $100 mil offers on the table though that's not to say they're not out there.


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                    Per USA today, been rebutted by Heyman and Mark Feinsand, that the Mets made an offer to Bauer which approached Coles $36 mil per year.


                    I still don't see it coming close to that number but I've been wrong before.


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                      The follow up has been that the offer was made for >$30 mil, but not eclipsing the AAV of Cole. My guess is they made a 2-3 year offer around 65 / 100 mil. Still convinced he's not in a rush to sign until he's sure no one is giving him 5/150. I wonder if JT's deal will move anything.... I still suspect he's got a 4/100 - 5/125 type deal from the Angels (or someone else) sitting in his back pocket
                      edit:. Post says the Mets offer was 4 years at more than 30 mil per + incentives and opt out. If so, just throw the 5th year on so he can exceed the $150 Springer got and get this thing done. St that point are we really concerned about performance at 34 vs 35?
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                        I actually think fair amount of players have been leveraging Mets..JT did it..intimation his preference wasn't to be in ny..but I bet if they offered him 150m it would have softened his stance...Hand..wanted to close..even heard somebody say(martino?) That he too didn't really want ny...but again if boat load of $$ was thrown at him..hisbtune would have changed...I think many players have ny-itis..and rather not come here..unless overpaid..

                        The springer deal still irks me most at this point because as I said before..the alternatives fall off a cliff..still bp arms out there..and we got the 2nd best C option..and have addressed rotation even..
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                          It's not a bad off-season. To me it just hasn't represented a change in the way Alderson does business in the FA arena.

                          The trade was great but he's done that before...Cess, Thor, deals. Clear wins even if those guys didn't/haven't fully lived up to all expectations. I've yet to see the Mets really leverage Cohen's cash flow to bring in the big ticket item. We're again shopping at the second hand store looking for discounts and falling short by being "competitive" with offers rather than THE offer. How many times did we hear with the Wilpons "the Mets were in the mix". Instead for about 5 mil per total we missed out on the best lefty and the best CF on the market. That sounds like a history lesson than the start of something new

                          The only difference thus far has been agents and the media linking the Mets to far more people than normal. We'd be "in on" one or two guys every off-season now it's everyone with a pulse


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                            I get the Hand argument. We're only talking 1-2 mil extra per year on a short term deal. But, I just can't get on board with the it's only $5 mil per year more for Springer. Just because Toronto had to overpay by $30-35 mil (per reports) to get him to come to Canada didn't meant the Mets had to match it. Granted, I wasn't totally onboard with paying him $25 mil per year to begin with and definitely not until he was 37-38.

                            Yes, he was a good fit being a CFer and RH. Though I never viewed him as this can't lose FA that we'd need to transform this team into a perennial powerhouse. Those are the guys you go that extra $30 mil for to me.


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                              I don't disagree Dak....I don't think he was THE PRIZE of the offseason or anything, but I just don't see a huge difference if you were willing to go 6/125 or 130 depending on reports of giving up an extra 25 mil. Like at 20 mil per totally worth having at 36 years old...but 25?!?! dear god no. We're giving Betances 6+ mil a year to suck. Gave Trevor May 7+ If those are the kind of guys we now have to avoid on a yearly basis to "fit" that extra 5 mil per in, I've got no problem with that. I think there's a bigger argument to be made about not even making a 6 year offer or a 20+ mil per offer. If the numbers had come out that the highest the Mets were willing to go was 4/80 then it all makes a lot more sense to me, but once you reach a certain thresh hold I think some of it just goes out the window....

                              Kinda like whats going on with Bauer now....if the rumors reported now from a couple of sources are true that they made an offer of 4 years > 120 mil - and he ends up signing say with the Angels for 5/150 that's another miss. Totally different if they only made an offer of 1 year 30 mil or someone is out there with a 7 year 200 mil deal

                              Again tho its not about Springer or Hand or JT or Bauer - its more about this perception that NOW, finally, the Mets can be legit players in the high end FA market - when the reality has been this offseason, thus far, has honestly looked like a typical Sandy/Wilpon one from a FA standpoint. 2nd place offers and 2nd tier signings. THAT is what I worry more about.