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    The only time I can remember the Yankees and Mets bidded on the same player was Mike Mussina! I would love for the Mets to stick it to the Yankees getting the one guy the Yankees want DJ LeMahieu

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    Meh....I don't care about "competing" with the Yankees. DJ is a good target and if the price is right go for it, but he's not a player that I want to get in a "bidding war" for if you can get him for 4/100ish that's worth going for. As soon as you get into 5+ 125+ mil ranges you're talking about a 37-38 year old player making 25+ mil - usually a bad investment at a position that you already have McNeil locked up for 3 more years and are "stuck" with Cano for 2 more years beyond this one.

    I wont cry if our interest forced the Yankees to give him something like 6 years 150 mil and then we spin around and sign Springer for less than that so by all means we should be "in" on DJ...but I don't think we need to be ALL IN...considering other options on the market


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      I mostly like idea as a big F U to the Yankees. DJ at 2nd and then McNeil at 3rd sounds better than JD Davis being the everyday 3B, but I personally prefer they go for Springer.

      They only have enough bucks for one big signing at this point, so i'd rather the CF'er which is a bigger need. From all accounts Cohen basically promised the MLB owners he will not take the Mets above the luxury tax threshold for 2021. How that affects other teams i don't get, but apparently it was a request made to him when he was being considered to be let into the club.
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        I know LeMahieu had a great season but I just don't see him as that $20+ mil guy let alone $25+. The power he's shown since joining the Yanks was never there prior, even in Colorado. If he reverts back to that 10-12 HR guy the contract would be a huge over-pay. I personally don't take the risk at that cost considering the Mets already have options for 2/3B.

        What's kind of funny to me is that there were threads in 2018 where some posters wanted no part of LeMehieu because of his lack of power at Coors and now they're willing to give him $25+ mil only 2 seasons later.
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          I was probably one of those posters but players do change. We saw it with Murphy. We've seen it with McNeil. DJ is a much different player than he was in Col.

          DJ went from a guy who had 1 season with a .430+ SLG to now having back to back .500+ seasons. He's a guy who in 2018 hit .230 away from Coors. Now he's hit .300 away from yankee stadium. We had a Rosario, Giminez pipeline lined up for the MIF over the next 2 years and were still trying to figure out where to play Wilmer. DJ hadn't played any other position than 2b since 2014... With the yankees he's basically split time at 2b, 1b, and 3b being a plus defender at all 3. Also in 2018 there was a lot more questions about the center of the lineup then this is now. Most importantly of all we had an ownership in 2018 where every penny needed to be perfectly spent because there was no room for an overpay mistake.

          You are right tho if DJ signs for 100 mil and cones back to hit .290 with 10 Hrs that's a terrible overpay. I don't think that will be the case tho. How much is Jeff McNeil worth adding in value as a plus defender?

          I think the expectation is DJ is now a guy you pencil in for .315+, .400, and 18+ HRs.

          I still prefer Springer BUT if the choice is pay him 150+ mil over 5 or DJ 100 mil I think there's a good argument there


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            I think those numbers you're penciling him in for are pretty high unless he goes back to the Yanks.

            Yeah he hit .300 away from Yankee stadium but his OB% was below .350 his 2 years in NY which is no where near the .400 you're penciling him in for. Add in that his OB% was only .339 in 2020. Then you're expecting 18 HR's in Citifield after he hit all of 9 HR's over 417 Ab's away from Yankee stadium the last 2 seasons? I think you are VERY optimistic as to what to expect from this guy.


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              I just think at some point you throw out the home/away stuff. I get that Yankee stadium is a good park for him, but his numbers went way up from Coors. So something else changed in his approach. His away numbers in 2019 were .320/.360/.460 - I think in general players hit better at home, especially contact guys because they get to know the field. While he hit more HRs at Yankees stadium basically 1/2 of his HRs were to CF or RF so its not like they were all short porch driven.

              Maybe I'm optomistic a bit on the power side, but he's been a career .370+ OB% and I don't really subscribe to that being a ballpark issue


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                .370 is a big difference than penciling him in for .400. I must be looking at the wrong player since I see his career OB% as only .357. I'm not seeing where you're saying it's .370.

                Guess we'll see next year but while he could put up the numbers you seem to think he'll easily obtain I just do not see him as that type of player and would never take the chance in that $20-25 mil area you are talking about. I don't think he'll have the numbers you think and that would be a huge risk to think he'd do it over the length of the contract while he hasn't even put those numbers up in the same season.


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                  The .370 OB% is using the as a starter stat. I believe that stat only uses seasons where a player appears in 70% of the games played. So it would toss out his first few sub 500 PA seasons. Plus, let's be real, he's had 1 year in the last 5 that he's failed to get to ~375...

                  But whatever not going to agree. Just have to revisit whenever he does sign. To your point his projections expects a .290/.345/.445 2021 from him much more inline with your thinking - funny enough though they give him 16 HRs in only 133 games and a 3.4 WAR which would be 18/3.8 over 150 games. I believe the current metrics value WAR for non rookies right around 5.5-5.8 mil per now or basically valued right around 20 mil.

                  I just believe the game and speak approach has changed so much around baseball in the last two years specifically- launch angles, average velocity, etc - that good hitters like McNeil, like DJ, guys who are batting title candidates in their good seasons, can get to decent HR mark even tho just 2-3 years ago you'd struggle to see where the stats show they can even consistently hit 10. My support? In 2019 you had 1 player in all of baseball that hit over .290 and didn't hit at least 18 HRs. Just 1 year earlier that number was 12. It was 10 in 2017. 14 in 2016. Even in 2020 there was only about 5 who weren't on pace to get there..3 of which were guys who had hit 18+ before so very week could have upped the pace in a full year. The odds have overwhelmingly flipped - unless you believe the last two years are flukes and the numbers will start to reverse the trend suggests, if a player can hit .290+ as a starter they are getting decent HR numbers.

                  Again just hopefully they can sign Springer and be done with it
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                    All for moot - sounds like DJ is getting his 5 year deal from the Yankees. If true I actually view this as a win for the Mets....all along the Yankees were supposedly capped at 4 years (and I wouldn't have gone 5 either) so if it forced them to pay more and longer, good


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                      I never thought he was going anywhere else unless someone really over-paid.

                      Reports have it as 6 years $90 mil. If true that's the per year I would have expected. Not the $20-25 mil discussed in this thread.


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                        Its the years that lowered the AAV....supposedly the Yankees (and others) had deals for 3/4 @ 20 per on the table.